Testo Gel or Injections?

Hey guys,

So, hoping somebody on here can help. Some background to my situation. 24 year old male, 170cm in height, 64kg in weight. Relatively active, walk and do cardio three four times a week usually, and weight lift three-four times a week and eat a reasonably healthy diet with plenty of protein and fish etc.

About two years ago I began battling symptoms of low testosterone; everything form ED to depression, you name the symptoms I had them all! After many months of arguing with my GP to be tested and taken seriously, I was finally given bloods which gave us a total T of 15mnol, which, for my age, is relatively low. I have been told an optimal testosterone level for an otherwise healthy man in his early 20s could be anything from 21mnol- 25mnol. Thyroid, prolactin, LH, FSH and Oestrogen were all within normal ranges, but not great.

My GP agreed to trail me on Testo Gel, applying one sachet 50mg 5g gel onto the shoulders daily. No HCG or aromatase inhibitors at present, but hopefully going to review the situation, as getting symptoms of excess oestrogen. Been on the stuff four weeks now and absolutely NO improvements at all, save some apparent muscle tone/ bulk in my upper arms, which could be due to the protein rather than the T itself.

Question for you guys is this: Any of you on here used Testo Gel, and if so what were your experiences of using it? Many guys on TRT tell me that the gels are, on the whole, rather ineffective, and that injections are typically seen as the “gold standard”. Any of you on here had success on the gels, and if so, what doses were you using and how long before you saw any significant improvements? I am thinking of either changing to Tostran which is a pump, or else going to injections.

It is very frustrating and demoralising to be taking this stuff daily and not feeling better in any conceivable way! I would welcome your thoughts and advice in going forward. Also, do any of you know of an UK based clinics that offer TRT with the HCG and AI’s as at my age testicular shrinkage and sperm reduction are not desirable!


Hey. YOu will get better! please post labs with ranges. You said thyroid and other good but not great. If thyroid not optimal you will have trouble to absorb the gel. Post all labs and you will get a better analysis from the veterans on this forum. Hopefully you took labs like LH and FSH BEFORE you started the gel.

Never used Gels personally. I have seen it cause some interesting reactions on people before (intense nipple pain/sensitivity) to be fair, he was rubbing it on his nipples HAHAHA

Not sure how feasible it actually is to transfer it from person to person , but I know its possible. You want to risk that with a girl or future daughter?

Gels are garbage, when I was using them I couldn’t even go to the gym, swim or come into contact with children for 4 hours after application. Gels almost never work long term because at some point absorption rates will decline. Why would you want to cramp your lifestyle? You want to get serious with treatment and stop beating around the bush, go for injections.

Sub Q injections are a breeze compared to IM. no excuses really. I was a little distraught that I had to “poke” myself for the rest of my life, but now I kinda look forward to it.

Where do you poke and do you insert needle slowly?

Sub -Q around the belly button, (ive injected into love handles too, no problem).

No don’t insert it slowly, just poke it in with just enough force to break the skin, should go right in. Slower is only gonna prolong the pain and possibly make it worse.