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Hi guys,
I recently decided to start a Testosterone-Equipoise cycle, just wondering about the dosages, would 400mg of test E and 200mg of equipoise a week be alright ? This is my third cycle by the way. Its my first time with injectable test so wanted to start off smooth.

18yrs old
220 lbs
3 years lifting


Oh yeah, and im about 12% bodyfat max




18 years old.....3rd cycle...

Please tell me you're lieing. Ultimately it is always your choice what to put in your own body, but this is beyond wreckless. You're 18, your bones haven't even stopped fully growing/elongating yet, and your endocrine system might take even a bit more punishment than other users.

Please reconsider, or at least consider reconsidering.


Im not lieing lol, its all good.
Now about the cycle, is that enough EQ? Id up the dosages but at a 50mg/ml concentration
that might be a pain in the ass. (no pun intended)


Normally, you would get advice and critique on your cycle quite quick, but I just advise you not to be too upset if you don't.

Myself, as well as (I hope) others, are morally objected to the concept of aiding such a young person in AAS use, which is why you may not get much constructive criticism. I won't be giving any, but someone might, so just wait it out if you're dead set on doing this.