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Testo/Equipoise/Anavar Info


Hey guys!
This is my new cycle plan and i need some views

Week 1-10 multi testo one shot a week
Week 1-10 equipoise 1000 mg a week
Week 1-10 anavar 50 mg ed
Protection In cycle :milk thistle,proviron 25mg ed

My stats: 1,76 cm
80 kgs
9,5 % bf
I need quality muscle gains and reduce my stubborn belly fat!its more skin than fat
I trained 12 years and i'm 23 years old!i m in special forces!my οoccupations is running every morning martial arts and gym


The cycle is too short. Equipoise needs more time. Run this at least 15 weeks, or drop the EQ. Also, you didn’t say how much test you’re taking. That’s a pretty important detail…

Anavar should also be run higher. 100 would be much better.


I run 250 mg testo!100 mg anavar?are u sure my friend?well…if i add some tren after 10 weeks?i will drop the eq and i put trenbolone ace