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Methyl Masterdrol is what has been taken by a friend of mine... He is going to be tested for steroids on june 6th he had taken them for about a week and a half 3 pills/ day will he test positive for steroids if his last dose was today ... how long does it take to get it out of your system... or do they even test for specific compounds or just elevated test levels? This is at the High school level.

This kid bought this stuff from a local Gym and is worried now after finding out what it is that he will now get hit for steroids and wont be eligible to play football... he had taken this for about 3 weeks once before and there was a month off and he has only been taking them for about 10 days . He no longer takes this as of this morning but is worried . I dont know what to tell him .

Thanks for any advice or info in advance.


Well, that's what happens when you put things in your body which you are painfully uneducated about.

I have no idea if he'll pass his test or not, hopefully one of the vet's will have some useful input.


at the high school level i highly doubt thst he will test postivie. drug test are expensive and they only test the main stream drugs....test, winny, dbol, deca, etc. at the high school level. And how old are you? If you are still in high school you really shouldn't mess with the stuff.

you could take clen to get ripped
but besides that you have so much untaped potentisl growth from being young. get some creatine by eas forget the new forms out there garbage but never cell tech. glutamine 10 to 20 grams ed, taurine 2 gram before workout and 2 after, optimum whey protein 3-4 scoops a day, fish oils 5 to 10 grams a day, a basic zma product, multi along with 3 grams vit c a day, get a bottle of bcaa amino acids also if you want some liver tabs by beverly international....but you need to take 12 to 20 pills a day but they work, if you have money get hmb but you need to take 8 grams on workout days and to 6 grams on off days
you could even try vit b12 injectable. but at your age no steroids man. if you need anything just ask and i will help you the best i can


if he stops now he wont test positive. as said before, the actual metabolite test is quite expensive and most high school dont run this one. they run the test/epitest one and i believe the ratio has to be 6/1 to be positive. since MM has a very short halflife in the system he should be fine on june 6th.

For future reference, tell that dumbass to do some research before he takes anything. I think everyone here has seen enough of the posts where people have taken the steroids without an ounce of research into how to take them and proper PCT. This should act as a lesson to him...