Great site. Can someone give me any ideas on drug testing. i am a 3rd year competitor and female. I have been taking a variety of drugs ova the last 12 months. Stanabol, MPO all thru a Dr, who is monitoring my progress. But I am shit scared about being drug tested as this is the norm in my area.

Does anyone have any great ideas. I am using amazide as a diruetic, but it is banned also.

Looking forward to some helpful replies.

I will take this as an opportunity to share an experience an athlete I train and myself incurred a few months ago. We were preparing for a national-level meet that was tested with US Olympic Anti-Doping programs. I had him use a product that cleanses the system of doping in two days. This site sells kits mainly for cleansing of marijuana but they also sell steroid cleansing kits as well. The steroid kit cost ninety dollars. To my surprise it was nothing more than thirty tablets of Trace Minerals Research brand minerals, and two ounces of their liquid version. I have used these products for years so I am very familiar with them, and this drug-test passing web site is simply selling people five dollars worth of mineral products along with a fasting plan. It gives me great pleasure to tell you and everyone else who is reading this how to avoid being ripped off like I was, so much so that I am going to include the words steroid cleansing products so any future searches will turn up this post.

Anyway, the program is this: first obtain the above mentioned brand of tablets and liquid minerals. On day 1: Take 3 tabs an hour for 5 hours(you can eat and drink during this time). For 2 hours after this period don’t eat any food, but drink lots of fluids like spring water, juices, or Gatorade. Then take one full ounce of the liquid with 4oz. of juice or spring water (I personally recommend grapefruit juice, the liquid minerals of TMR is like drinking concentrated sea water, very strong). Wait 3 hours with no food or water.

Day 2: Same as day 1

Allow 24 hours after completing cleanse to be completely toxin free.

Continue drinking water and fruit juices during the remaining 24 hour waiting period.

During the cleansing, in addition to your normal fluid intake, drink at least 1 gallon of spring water a day. Here it is recommended to avoid tap water (duh!), but I also recommend avoiding pure distilled or RO treated water. These waters are devoid of ANY mineral content and will take away from the minerals your body is using to detox. This is easily remedied, just mineralize your distilled or RO water with forty drops of liquid per gallon. Or if money is no object, just drink Perrier or some other bottled mineralized spring water.

After the cleansing process be sure to wear clean clothes and wash all bedding. Toxins exit through perspiration and after you have totally cleansed yourself, you don’t want to be exposed to any pre-existing toxins. Continue to drink water and juices during the 24 hour waiting period.

The above instructions are a summary of the instructions that came with the cleansing kit I got. I would also recommend you get some Zydot and use this right before your test. The company I bought my kit from gauranteed that if this directions are followed, you will have no trace of any drug in your system until you use again. My athlete was not tested, so I cannot say if it worked or not, but this is the protocol we will be following for any further tested events. I hope this is helful.

In what sport do you compete? In any event, the best advice I can give is to know the half-life of the compounds you are taking and then plan to discontinue use accordingly. i think this, although common sense, would be the best and safest way to go.

Good point bush boy, i didnt think of that. When i was tested in college, i was never detected because the tests to detect performance enhancing agents (prohormones/anabolics) were too expensive even for a school with one of the biggest athletic dpts in the country. so yes, it depend on how much they are willing to spend to “legitimize” the competition.