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Testing to Have a Baby, Confirm These Numbers?

So I’ve recently done some testing for my wife and I to have a baby, and I was hoping you could help me confirm my understanding of these numbers

General Information:
37 y/o
250 lbs
strong-very strong build
waist size 36

Hair: Full head of hair, full beard, chest hair, little bit of back hair, normal leg hair, etc
Training: 2-4 x week, cardio or lifting
Diet: 3 meals a day, meat and veggies, reasonable carbs, no junk food or soda’s
Health issues: Tired, but I work a lot

1st lab - Labcorp:
LH - 3.6
range 1.7- 11.2 miU/ml
FSH - 20.7
range 1.0 - 11.0 miU/ml
Prolactin - 9.6
range 3.3 - 20.8 mg/ml
TSH 1.14
range 0.5 - 2.5 iIU/ml
Total Testosterone - 374
range - none given

2nd lab - University Hospital, no ranges given
FSH - 14 miU/ml, told me it should be under 10
LH - 3 miU/ml
Estradiol - 12.1 pg/ml
Testosterone - 305 ng/dl
Free Testosterone - L 39.9 pg/ml

I went to see a Urologist, and she told me the obvious. High FSH, and low testosterone. There was no reasonable cause for this so my assumption was primary hypogonadism, but they never really diagnosed anything, probably because the normal course would be TRT. However, that is not an option since it would ruin my chances at fertility. So, I guess my questions are, after all of the fertility stuff is said and done am I going to need TRT for the rest of my life? Does anyone have any experience with low normal LH and high FSH?

Also, no prior steroid use. I don’t have a recent metabolic panel, and they never gave me reference ranges.

Thank you,

Please edit your post and include ranges that were included in your labs.

I added the ranges I had, but they’re confusing since they’re for both women and men, pre and post menopause.

Soooo… Does anybody have any insight on this?

This can be indicating a FSH secreting testicular cancer and the boys need an examination. TC is a young man’s disease.

No excuse for a Ero not getting on this.

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Sperm checked? Is the issue fertility or lack of interest/ability?

Thank you for the reply. I was checked for testicular cancer and was all good. My testicles are “normal” size as well, but I would say they are on the small side of normal.

Sperm quality was always good. 50% or more at grade 3, motility good to very good. But the count varied which is what led them to take the blood tests. It would range from 10mil/ml to 35 mil/ml. Volume between 3 to 5 ml.

If you ever get on TRT, do LH/FSH once later and see that FSH–>zero