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Testing T-Nation Workouts


Here goes.

i did a quick search i couldnt find anything like it,my idea is to try some of the T-Nation workouts posted in the articles and see if they work (for me).

Going to try the add a inch to your arms on monday maybe,i dont want to do it and not record it with pics so ill sort out my camera asap.

im going to carry out my normal training till i decide to do a program.

i will post todays stats + workout later!


Todays workout-


incline bench
65kg x 8
75kg x 8
85kg x 7
flat bench
70kg x 8
80kg x 8
90kg x 8
decline bench
67.5kg x 8
75kg x 8
85kg x 6

push ups till failure x 3.

tomorrow im going to take a rest before doing a inch on your arms workout on monday!

Current Meausrements

height:5'7 (174cm)

pics will be up soon hopefully.Im 17,i entered a bench competetion a couple of months ago but i caught bronchitis a couple of days before it so that kinda fucked me sideways for that! took a big chunk out of my training i lost a lot of size and strength which explains for my shit stats for now,im only really starting to get into the swing of things now.

i was doing 5/3/1 before the sickness i was going pretty good with that,but now before starting back the pl training i wanna try some of the bb workouts posted on this site.



i havent done 1rm's in a long while,so yeah..i hope to improve on them!


Diet tends to vary but when i can i try to stick to this one as much as possible.Currently simmer so im getting a lie in every morning the diet and times will change when i go back to school.

11:00 breakfast:cup of coffee,100g porridge,glass of oj,and a apple

1:00 lunch:a sausage sandwich and tea

post workout shake normally around 2:15*

4:30 dinner steak and two backed potatoes (or some form of potatoes)

6:30 another shake*

8:30 around 200g of pasta with cheese

9:30 another shake*

  • i currently have this sci mx protein shake..its shite.im going to get some nutrition x protein and maybe some nutrition x creatine too!havent tried creatine at all yet,some im eager to try although the funds are low.




they sound like it, but bronchitis is no joke. i lost a lot of weight and strength last winter due to that as well.


09ers and they're excuses :wink:



haha thanks kerley!
did the inch program..
im not a fan of it really!i will post the program and pics later


This is a picture after i got a bit of a pump..
i was going to put up pictures of before and after the program but i didnt have that much of a success with it!i think my arms were pretty close to 16 here but that was just a pump i guess.(dont flame me i know i dont have big arms at all!) so this will be the only pic i put up today.




^ i cant do a side tricep shot for shit.

heres the workout

bb curls (narrow grip) 1 set of 10
superset with
incline lying triceps 1 set of 10
rest 90 seconds

bb curls (normal grip) 1 set of 10
superset with
lying tricep extensions(flat bench) 1 set of 10
rest 90 seconds

bb curls (wide grip) 1 set of 10
superset with
decline lying tricep extensions 1 set of 10

20 minute break

alternating dumbell curls 2 sets of 15
superset with
dumbell lying triceps extension 2 sets of 15
rest 90 seconds

20 minute break

bb curls 1 set of 9*
superset with
lying tricep extensions 1 set of 9*

  • superslow reps 5 seconds on positive 5 seconds on negative.

thats one cycle of the program i repeated that 4 times

taking a creatine and protein shake in between each cycle

this isnt the exact T-Nation program,i doubt ill be trying that one.but this is one which i taught would be pretty easy to follow.personally i didnt think it was great no great gains from it.ill do measurements again later when my arms are completely cold.


i see you have been updating this regularly...