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Testing Out New Gear?

Got some test enathate 500ml per 2ml, currently on testosterone cypionate 200 milligrams weekly, if i do a shot 500mg would i notice anything, one week want to make sure all is good, stealth.

Wtf lol…

What do you think you would notice if you upped your weekly Test dose up from 200mg to 500mg per week?

As far as I know, the only way to see if gear is legit is to get a base blood work done. Use the known good gear, get blood work. Get back to base, then try the new gear and get blood work. Compare the two.

I could be wrong, but that’s how I figured it would be done.

Or, (just thought about it) get blood work on your current gear, start using the new gear for several weeks and get blood work. Should be about the same as long as you pin with the same mg/cc/ml as your current gear.

EDIT: Isn’t 500mg per 2ml the same as 250mg per 1ml? I see no advantage or disadvantage of, nor heard of it. (Although, I’m still new.)

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500mg per 2ml is Test enanthate 250mg per 1ml… (Facepalm) lol…

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I figured, just funny the way it’s worded or someone really sold him “500mg per 2ml”. haha

test I’m using is like 1g per 4ml. Pretty badass stuff.


I don’t really understand what you’re trying to do. Could you not just pin 1ml and stay more or less where you are now?

I don’t think shooting an extra 300mg for a single week is going to do much for you

Just want to make new stuff is legit, it comes in single 2ml packets, which works as i plan run 500ml a week test. Last stuff i got caused pip so bad i hardly walk, was in hospital for something else and they said my white blood cell count indicated infection all that for bunk gear. Dont plan to cycle until mid October just want it all set up. Ive heard good things about these guys they had some underdosed product, and replaced it with legit dosed stuff.

You are on Coumadin, have anaemia and have multiple blood clots and are at 25% BF, as stated in a previous thread, stick to TRT, stick to your medication and stop thinking about steroids. You need to lose weight, plain and simple, like I have already stated TRT will help with your anaemia as higher testosterone stimulates erythropoiesis. Your RBC count and hematocrit will increase and you will start to feel better, it simply takes time.

A consistent diet and regular exercise is what you need.

As stated already you are obviously prone to clots, the last thing you want is one at the base of your spine.

I hope you make the right choice.


Mine is 2 grams per 8 mil, Bro. It’s badasser than yours.


Joe, I would contact your supplier re ingrediants, to see if ethyl oleate was used, so you can rule out if this contributes to your negative reactions to the drugs. Obviously a stealth sachet is not going to list ingredients. I’d be surprised if the gear didn’t contain an active steroid, if its from the company that I think it could be. Nonetheless you don’t want to be using gear that makes you feel like shit.
Might be wise to exercise caution for a while as per Quackerz’s recommendations.

Ive already lost 8 pounds with not much effort i was 302 last wed 294 now, the cycle i am planning on is in mid late October, not now , i want my bodyweight down around 260 by oct if i maintain my muscle and hit say 263 it would put bodyfat at around 14%. I used to eat s lot of take out BBQ, Italian, fast food tons of red meat, eating lesd calories is easy as i know longer crave them. I am going to check inr weekly now, instead of monthly, at work now i ll post tonight.

The gear that gave me a flu didnt come in satchel , it had two different benzoyl in it, the source would reply to emails, until they got money.

I get it my gear is 2.5 grams per 10ml. What do get when you mix 2g tren in 30ml+ 2.5g sust in 20 ml+ 2g eq in 10ml. How many mg of each per ml?

Divide by 60. So, 2000 mg/60 ml is about 33mg of Tren per ml. 2500 of Sust is about 41 mg per ml, etc…

I understand your concern, my main goal now is to lose bodyfat and improve cardio, i was hospitalized because i have something called avms, i get in esophagus and stomach, look them up, they act like small ulcers that i periodically have get endoscopy and coterize, they unset around 40 i never knew i had them until i starting Coumadin, which increased internal bleeding and anemia, i have never been anemic before , one my last leg workouts before was squat 585x3 wraps only, stl deadlift 315x20, 5min weighted situp, and 3 sets 50 single leg hypertextension, then a two mile jog walk in under 18 minutes, i doubt i was anemic then. I found i can get scoped every 6 months instead of when i am systematic of anemia no problem with that the last scopes lasted about 10 months each. As far as clots as long as my blood pressure is around 120 over 80 and my inr is between 2 and 3, (most people’s inr is .8 - 1.0) i am at a much lower risk then most with my bmi, repeating my self this number one now. Now with shedding 30 pounds of fat my blood pressure will go down further reducing chance of clots again. I really appreciate your concern quackerz here is mine i do not know your stats. Age strength level etc, but i think you do have some knowledge either you are a nurse, med tech or you have relatives who have serious health problems, your dad. I know what its like to be minutes away from death, the first clot a saddle clot blocks off both lungs, and the psychological scars it has left on me and family (mom) . I currently under treatment for clots blood pressure. And going to make an adult choice in future of what i want to do. I have seen some of you post top loading 1250 a week equipoise, 1000 enathate aweek, some of the cycles i think are overkill, unless you have been on for 15 years like i said little is known about your training strength etc. I bench almost 400 before first cycle with eight years natural training . Do you know how hard it was to get gear back then 90s, and when you got it it was underdosed, counterfeits, you were happy to get some mex vet gear . Anyway i think guy’s do too much stuff nowadays, guy’s and gals with crazy musculature that get big as fuck with light weights. Me i want to pull 700 plus and jerk 400, take up judo or jujitsu and be a bigger bad ass at 45 then 25, later bro.

Make excuses all you want mate but I have tried to help and have warned you.

Go tell your doctor you are going to take more drugs that can potentially cause clots and in the worst case scenario kill you, doesn’t sound so smart now does it? At the end of the day you just can’t use high doses of steroids, it’s dangerous for you. Life’s hard mate, you just have to deal with it. Just focus on getting fit and healthy if you can.

I wish you all the best mate and hope you don’t do anything stupid that can cause you ill health.

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No excuses, iam talking about a 750 mg week cycle, total once i get in shape ,three months appreciate the concern but you guys are doing three grams a week after a couple years lifting. Once again i appreciate your concern isnt this forum about taking risk to achieve goal. I juzt want to know what increased inr so i can deal with it and make adjustments in Coumadin when i cycle. You have not answered question what is your strength levels, you are very concerned about this. Iam not going to cycle unless my bodyweight is down and my resting pulse is back in the 60s. I quit smoking three years now, i dont tell people who smoke how they are killing themselves , if in nov or oct my pulse is in 60s, blood pressure 110 over 70 like when i weighed 270 i sm going to do a small cycle750 week total not three grams a week to bench 315 and pull 405.

Oh no…

If you need steroids to pull 405 at your size…

Look, I understand that we all have different levels of natural ability, and that pulling 405 comes easier for some people than for others. But anyone who weighs >250 pounds that thinks they’ll need a steroid cycle to pull 405 is just looking for a shortcut around doing some actual work.

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To start with, I have never cycled over a gram, I use EQ and Test for my cycles, 400mg each per week and that is about it. I have gone from 67kg to 105kg in two years since I started lifting. Saying that I have no idea what my stats have to do with the relevancy of you potentially injuring yourself, it is stupidity at it’s finest. You are subceptible to clots and have had three, period. You should not be upping your TRT dose.

As for how much I can lift since you asked I can bench 127kg for a paused single, squat 180kg and deadlift 227kg, I can rep out dips with 50kg + and pullups with 15kg +. I can also make a sub 7 minute 2400k and make 150 yards with 110kg loaded on each farmers handle. Not the best, but not bad IMO. I have also made a 15.1 on the bleep test.

Either way, don’t take steroids, they are not for you, all you are doing is risking your health. If you are comfortable with that then that is your decision, but I warned you.

Edit: It is good to see you keep on eye on your BP.