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Testing on the 13th...

ok, i have a sort of mini combine the 13th of august where i will max for basically everything with my HS football team. Besides wanting to look good for these coaches, the college coaches i have talked to also want to see these scores, so this day will be pretty important to me to say the least. Im trying to think what to do next week lifting wise. Im going to rhode island with some buddies the few days before, and i wasnt planning on lifting the week prior to the testing anyways. But what to do next week is the question. I squatted heavy on monday, and am light squat/pull on thurs. I would like to both try to go for a max single in both lifts either this week or next. Would i be alright to try and max pull on thurs, then max squat on the next wed or so?

I would like to see where im at on both, plus i also want to test for my clean and my bench before the actual test on the 13th. Is all this possible? Any thoughts?

i’d test my max squat, dead and clean all together on one day, with bench on another. nothing extreme, just treat it like a max eff movement, warm up, get an idea of about where you are, then on the thirteenth you’ll be able to have a better idead of where you stand.