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Testing Morning Oral Temperature


I've pondered testing morning body temperature for a while but have never made the jump. Christian Thibaudeau's recent Cool Tip got me thinking about it again. A few days ago I even stopped in the grocery store pharmacy to check out oral digital thermometers.

Anyone have any experience with this they'd like to share?

In case you missed the Cool Tip, here is an excerpt from one of Christian's articles:


I just use my kid's in-the-ear style. Tells you the temp in about 2 seconds and is very accurate. It also stores the last 10 temperature readings.


I'd say use and ear one as well, I have Braun Thermoscan.


how about a "silver-bullet"


Anyone seen the ones you put on your temple and it reads your temp in about the same time as the ear one?

These seem more sanitary, and supposedly they're supposed to be just as accurate as the ear ones.


According to my doctor, your upon-waking temperature is lower than the "normal" temperature of 98.6 degrees. For example, my waking temp tends to run about 97.6 consistently. So to use this technique effectively, you need to establish a baseline for about a week, then start looking for variations from that.


Right on...it's all about variations from the norm.

Anyone used this tecnique in the past (bump)?


Thanks for the comments guys. I'll look into the ear thermometers...they seem pretty painless.