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Testing Maxes Post Flu

Have had a google of this and come up with all sorts of advice and experiences not really consistent at all so thought I’d bring it up here.

So my test is(was?) scheduled for 3 Days from now.

I got sick abruptly yesterday (so flu I think). Today I feel better say about 60-70% (yesterday 40%) and am hitting my protein macros, some carbs but might have trouble with fats (not strictly counting) and have lost little to no weight.

Symptoms have been both above and below the neck. Nausea and headache mostly. Little of both at the moment but much improved

So I’m improving but would it be worth testing maxes in 3 days or should I leave it later. More than a couple of days and I’m thinking I’ll not be peaked anymore but start de training.

Any advice? Tips on how to get better faster and betterer.

I’ve been prioritising sleeping+napping a tonne and eating but I’m wondering if moving will be good like walking?

It’s powerlifting not curing world hunger.

Get better. Hit your maxes after you’ve recovered. You can’t detrain in 7 days especially if you’re not lifting.

Use this time to eat plenty of food, drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest.

I’ve passed on jobs that would interfere with my mediocre lifting, I’ve missed plenty of events because I had to train, ask yourself to what end and then act accordingly.

What’s the point in hitting your training maxes in 3 days just because you were scheduled to? What do you the morning of a meet when you’re shitting your brains out with diarrhea and vomiting? Unless you’re going to set a world record, hopefully you don’t go compete, and if you do you accept the fact that your lifts will likely suffer.


Don’t stress about it. If it’s the proper flu (can’t get out of bed) wait a while, at least a few weeks to get your body back on track. If it’s a bad cold, smash it whenever you feel up to it, not what the program says.


I guess it’s not the proper flu then. I’ll keep feeling it out. But looks like it’ll a few days into next week for the test at least

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Updates on my log:

End of Day 2 of Flu:
Calories back up there and last meal able to shovel down solid foods. Nausea and headache almost gone. Still feel “off” not 100%

Recovering fast. Maybe test on Tuesday at this rate

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I would say it depends on how important it is to test your maxes right now. If you had a meet this weekend and felt good enough to lift then you might as well go and do what you can, but I’m not a big fan of testing maxes in the gym. If the plan is to get new numbers to base the next training cycle off of then there’s a good chance you won’t get proper numbers to work with if your strength is still down. Taking a few more days off might help, but you might also feel weaker if it’s a while since you lifted anything heavy, not everyone responds the same way to things like that. I know that for myself, anytime I got real sick I felt weak when I got back to lifting and I don’t think more days off would have helped.

On a related note, take vitamin D. A couple years ago I read an article that was saying how in Europe the recommended daily intake is 4000iu while in North America it’s only 1000iu but the extra intake makes a big difference for the immune system. That winter I barely got sick at all. Later I heard Stan Efferding (one thing he is right about) talking about how studies have found benefits up to 8000iu so I started taking that every day, last winter I didn’t even catch a cold and I haven’t been sick in close to 2 years, no joke. I used to get the flu every year and before when I wasn’t taking vitamin D I was catching colds all the time.

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So the question is, if you don’t test your maxes then what will happen? I know you’re on Garrett Blevins’ AI coaching so you have to go with the flow, this sort of thing is one reason why autoregulation is good to some degree. Not necessarily basing everything off RPE but adjusting weights based on what you are capable of now rather than how a test went.

I’m feeling better at a fast rate. As I sit here I’m feeling hungrier for that heavy lifting too. It’s hard to call I guess I may feel 100% but not be 100 you know. I definitely get the taking a week off and not feeling used to heavy weight or being in the groove for technique.

I’ll look into Vit D. I rarely get sick also but I was in Melbourne with the gf the days before and with the high population density the seasonal flu gets around. Usually I’m antisocial as so I don’t get that risk bump

I guess the same maxes are input into the program? Other variables will change. Now that I think about it every time a test rolls around it’s putting some pressure on the lifter to go big

If you can eat well today and tomorrow then likely on Sunday you will be as ready as you are going to be. If you got dehydrated then drinking mostly Gatorade will help. If you just drink water you can end up losing more water or at least not rehydrating properly because your body needs salt to hold the water, straight water makes you piss out salt without adding it back in.

Worry about that after testing. There should be a backup plan for when things go wrong on test day because if you got stronger but had a shitty test day it wouldn’t make sense to keep lifting the same weights for another training cycle.

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Id make sure your getting enough water. And me personally I came in after being sick and hit a GRIND with 500 that i debated for a while to drop in the safeties. Was squatting 545 at the time. But I also lost weight. I found the biggest thing to prevent getting sick /colds is to wear warm enough clothes as the weather gets cool and continue it as it gets warmer. Figured this out for me when I started hunting and would be out in freezing weather and stopped getting sick. A few weeks back I leaf blew my yard. Started in sweat shirt, hat and gloves ended in a t shirt in 50 degree weather and got a cough for 3 days.

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Just for reference, @guineapig lives in Australia so it’s actually summer for him right now. But yeah, I see some crazy people wearing shorts in the snow and stuff like that, I don’t get it. There are less painful ways to kill yourself.

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You know he told me that recently and I forgot ha ha.

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If he doesn’t make it in powerlifting he can always go back to boxing kangaroos. You should give it a try in the offseason with those long arms.


It’ll be an Olympic sport before Powerlifting is