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Testing Maxes After Each Program


Hey all. Just wanted to ask a quick question. I've been reading a lot of Waterbury articles and reading the forums on them. I'm currently finishing up ABBH Part I. My plan is to switch the set/rep schemes as Chad mentioned, then move onto to ABBH Part II, followed by High Frequency System as long as I'm getting results. When finding my 1RM before I started, I took a few days to max out to find a good starting point. Should I max out again after completing each program or use the same 1RM? I'm assuming I need to find my new max to get best results, but didn't know the best way to go about this. Thanks


i would take 1 week off as a transition period to find your new 1RM's. Do a three day split MWF and pick maybe 2 or 3 exercises from that program to start light and ramp all the way to your hopefully new maxes.

Most seasoned veterans swear by taking a whole entire week off doing nothing at all for recovery so if you only try to max out for a week, eat rest stretch and recover you should start back into that next week ready to rock at 110%


I would max out again or project a new max so you can reset the program with higher numbers to account for strength gains.

(Wt*Reps*.033)+Wt = Projected Max

 ^If I remember correctly^


Ok Thanks. And my progression of programs is ok?


Thats up to you. If you are meeting short term goals and the program you are doing is giving the results you want then there is no reason to change. This site has a lot of people who can tell you what worked for them and how they got to where they are, but only you know what works best for you.