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Testing Maxes After Bench Specialization Programs

Hello fellow Benchers!

This week will be the final week of my Bench Specialization program, which is in total a 4 week program of Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Friday will be the last training day, and I want to know how to go about testing my max and then beginning my new program, which was suggested by somebody on this forum :wink:

Should I wait until the next Monday/Tuesday to work up to my 1 REP MAX? Should I deload the entire week after that?

When can I start the next & new bench cycle of what I was suggested?

I’ wait until Wednesday / Thursday. Good luck.

Thank you!

How about waiting until running the new cycle?

How intense has the cycle been? This will determine how long to wait to test then resume. IMO testing after only 4 weeks is too soon. Cycle should run AT LEAST 6, preferably 8-12 weeks before testing. If you insist on testing, I would do a non-maxing (IE no failing, just work to ~95-97%) test day on say monday, and resume on say wed or thurs. Don’t waste time testing strength when you should be building it.

Excellent point Arramzy, thank you very much for that suggestion; I felt the same, but I just was doing what it said to do hahah.

Anyways, here is what the bench program looks like… [This rep/sets scheme is done for BENCH AND OVERHEAD PRESS]

Mon : 3x9 @ 70%
Wed: 3x8 @ 75%
Fri : 3x7 @ 80%

Mon: 4x7 @ 75%
Wed: 4x6 @ 80%
Fri: 4x5 @ 85%

Mon: 1x5@ 70%, 1x4@ 75% , 1x3 @ 80% , 1x2 @ 85%, 1x1 @ 90%
Wed: 1x5 @ 75%, 1x4 @ 80% , 1x3 @ 85% , 1x2 @ 90%, 1x1 @ 95%
Fri: 1x5 @ 80%, 1x4 @ 85% , 1x3 @ 90% , 1x2 @ 95%, 1x1 @ 100%

Mon: 1x5 @ 75%, 1x4 @ 80% , 1x3 @ 85% , 1x2 @ 90%, 1x1 @ 95%
Wed: 1x5 @ 80%, 1x4 @ 85% , 1x3 @ 90% , 1x2 @ 95%, 1x1 @ 100%
Fri: 1x5 @ 85% , 1x4 @ 90%, 1x3 @ 95% , 2 @ 100%

That’s the entire cycle. I’m not sure how “INTENSE” it is, all I know is that the whole damn thing felt easy to me except the 4x5 @ 85% day on week2 was hard, that’s it.

Basically on Week4 Friday, you Double your previous Maximum on both Bench and Shoulder Press.

Most people state their max is up anywhere between 15-30 pounds at the end of the month, I just don’t know how to go about this… I have never done anything like this, so it will be my first time using a specialization cycle.

Was planning on jumping on the basic bench program you guys suggested me before… 2 Bench days a week… 1 including heavy close grip bench, 1 with lighter triceps/high reps for triceps.

Sheiko bench also looks really cool though :stuck_out_tongue: . I also don’t know if maybe I should just jump back to using 3x5 like I was before, 3x a week on RegParks 5x5… Idk how effective that will be if my bench is now like 245~

Arramzy, are you suggesting I just do this cycle again 1-2 more times, adding like 10 pounds each time , then testing after 3 times in total?

I think this cycle is actually too intense to repeat over and over… If you are training core lifts (IE go away westside advocates), then going over 90% this much is bound to cause stalling/overtraining in anyone but very beginners. Now obvioulsy with a 245 max you are relatively new. And seeing how this was very easy, either you gained lots of strength or you used a conservative max. If it was indeed super easy, consider running it again with a small jump. This would be much harder I’m sure and would really peak your recovery capabilities.

That being said, I am an advocator of the ‘sheiko’ programs for anyone. I have said it many times: there is no such thing as a ‘sheiko program’. he was a coach so as a friend of a friend said - no one trains sheiko anymore as Sheiko isn’t coaching anymore.

Again, that being said, sheiko programs are essentially a compilation of workouts out of prelipins tables and waved in volume/intensity. The bench I feel is pretty applicable to anyone, but especially the deadlift, requires major tuning to you personally and thus the programs you can find are useless.

If you want to setup a sheiko style training program, I would be happy to help. PM me. But, if you think this program would work again, run it. if you have training with good success with a diferrent program, no sense in switching until it runs out. them PM me and we will set something up.