Testing Max-OT for Hypertrophy

I want to test the max-ot program, but I’m a little confused how it works for hypertrophy.

Am I gonna build most strength or muscles with this program?

Max OT has some sound principles, and I experienced some good size AND strength gains because I was horribly overtrained at the time. I learned a great lesson about how less can be more, and really ramped up the quality of my sets due to more focus based on shorter workouts and more compound movements. I suggest trying it out for the first cycle and see where it puts you.

The warmup and diet sections also have some valuable info, and they have always advocated keeping starchy carbs at a minimum except around training. Message me with some specific questions if you have any, and I’ll share more of my experience.

Great program really. I think I respond to a bit more volume (they use 6-9 sets a workout, and sometimes thats between 2 body parts) so its on the very low end of that spectrum.

It was the first “program” I used and it is probably my favorite. I may go back and give it another shot for a few months now that I know a bit more about nutrition.