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Testing Lats?


quick question. I often hear the writers that chest and back need to bebalanced. So what is the best was to test this? Bench v. Barbell row, One arm press v. dumbell row? Others?



There is no universally accepted beck/chest balance or ratio, no matter what anyone might tell you. With that already said, you should be striving for some type of equity between these muscle groups.

In my own case (just to give you some food for thought), I don't allow my bench press workout loads to exceed my pull-up workout loads. So for example, if I weigh 215 and do 10x3 with an extra 35 pounds on pullups, I won't go higher than 250 for 10x3 on bench in that same workout or microcycle. You don't have to use pullups and the contrasting drill, but hopefully the idea comes across...


So if I weigh 145 and do 1 chin with 90lbs and I only bench 160 once... umm... should I do more chest? Now I only do dips, altough I could start training my muscles twice a week with lower volume and different exercises...


That would be a 235 pound bench. 145+90=235.
Sorry but I could not resist.



Yeah, sometimes you can get into semantical issues with calculating load. For example, during squats, you're lifting not only the bar weight, but also your bodyweight from the knees up (if you can figure out how to calculate that, let me know)


How much of ones bodyweight is being lifted in a squat? Is it about 70%?


Ummmm... riiiight. What did I say?
My bench is 75lbs lower than my chin.
I don't care about bw squats. I do pistols instead (rock bottom :-P). I t is the same weight as squatting with a barbell weighing your bw. (the one leg is now supposed to lift exactly one more half of your body=1/2 bw. 1/2 bw/leg=bw/2 legs, right?)


many thanks, sounds like I have some back work to get to then



But Charles, doesn't every gym, home or commercial, have a force plate that one could use for determining the actual weights used for "bodyweight plus" exercises?


Before I continue, do you REALLY want to know?