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Testing in Between Rep Phases

Hey all, so right now I am doing a linear program that has a 5’s wave and a 3’s wave. Would it be a good idea to test my 1 rep maxes between the phases?

You need to get into the discipline of building, not testing.

Your training should give you good clues as to where you are - this is why smart lifters use log books.

If you have been doing sets of 5 then you obviously aren’t peaked for a 1rm, it would be pointless unless you enjoy being disappointed. If you set new PRs then you can estimate your max with one of the many 1rm calculations. Or you could just say screw programs and max out every day.

I wouldn’t be in a hurry to test your 1rm. The beauty of linear progression is that you will eventually “max out” at a specific rep range(s) anyway. Take this time to build up your volume and experience with the lifts.

ya, you’re right everything is just going so well I really want to test and the only time I will test is when I fully milk out this program which won’t be in a while.

I hear ya man - everyone wants to just load up the bar and max out. If temptation does get the best of you, do this: take your current 5 rep working weight and calculate the 1rm based on it. Load the bar and lift it once: you’ll have a heavy single under your belt for that session and you’ve tested rep calculations for the day.