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Testing HGH

I was of the understanding that to test if HGh is repackaged HCG you could simply put the diluted solution striaght onto a pregnacy test, if it is positive then you have HCG and not HGH.

I am now being advised to take the HGh and then use my own urine for the pregnacy test.

Does anyone know if I can just test the solution direct?

I have some hygetropin and the box and contents are exactly the same as images I have seen of other forums that are claimed to be real, but for all I know those pictures may have been added by scmmers.

I am very trusting of my source but I was suprised to find no hologram or serial number on the box, also the labels are not even on straight, so I would like to test them.


bushy wrote a post about testing your hGH by intentionally taking too much in a single dose to see if you get the common side effects (sore wrists or temporary carpel tunnel I think). You would have to ask him.

Piss on the stick yourself.

I will go with you on that one Lillguy, if pregnacy test were not so expensive I would not mind experimenting more.

Anyway I have some HCG here that I do not plan to use so I just made up 1ml of solution and tested that straight onto the tester, it cam up negative, so either I have fake pregnyl or thats not the way to do it.

I just shot 8iu of HGH I will test my piss in one hour.

Oooh, I hope I’m not pregnant :slight_smile: