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Testing for Total / Free T at Home?

Anyone know if there are any devices out there that allow you to test Total/Free T at home. I don’t mean you draw and mail in the blood, but you actually run the blood tests at home.

I don’t expect a simple/cheap solution, most likely lab-equivalent gear with a high price, but am curious if there is any knowledge here about such a thing and a recommendation.

I could see them being useful for Clinics/Schools/Gyms where they want to test on an daily (or more frequent) level.

Thank you.

There would be a lot of legal concerns depending on what country you are in. Total testosterone is often conducted using Electrochemiluminescence (ECLIA). While I do not believe forum rules allow us to post a link to a place that sells the equipment, I think I can link a video on how the technology (generically) works. The saliva testing equipment may be cheaper but I did not look up the analytical method.

The proper answer is that in most USA states you can order blood work on line then report to a lab station and you get results in a few days.

Detection of anabolic steroids looks for more that T and can differentiate between natural and injected T as carbon isotopes ratios vary.

There are saliva tests but not really respected here.

The reason I asked, was I was curious how the levels change on a day to day basis depending on what is eaten, what exercises are done, and even during time of day.

Seems odd that checking this would be consider illegal, but mine is not to reason why. Fortunately, I do not live in the USA and should be safe from any restriction on these devices. (They sell Testosterone in all the legitimate pharmacies here).

I guess I’ll have to check around elsewhere to see if there is a suitable home-test kit in existence.

Thank you all!