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Testing for Steroids


Anyone know what are the markers they look for when testing for steroids in MLB or other sports? What foods, herbs, supplemennts (other than the obvious andro or other pro-hormones) - non-steroid thingies may result in a positive test? I've heard colostrum raises IGF-1 levels and that may result in positive test results...any info greatly appreciated


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thanks bro


bushy hit it on the head. if i can recall correctly the ratio is 6:1 test to epitest. naything over this is a positive. i am 99% sure the NCAA does not test for compounds, it is way too expensive to test a whole team. now individually it might be different b/c someone might have tipped them off (i.e coaches, other players, etc). i have gone through many NCAA drug tests and have grilled the trainers on what they test for and they were very honest with me. here is a list and the definitons:


hope this helps.


You are correct. In fact,last year the Olympic commitee was talking about the need in developing a test that could detect HGH. Too many records being broken I guess.


Hope you don't mind me throwing out a few related questions.

Is steroid testing included in the drug testing that employers would typically do?

Is there any relationship that exists between an individual that uses steroids and a positive urine drug test?



A typical employer drug screen whether it's a 8, 10 or 12 panel doesn't test for roids. It's too expensive.


I know in powerlifting you pop with a 6:1.

Ed Coan was banned from the IPF due to a 6:1, which he popped for twice.