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Testing for HS Football

Im using Westside, and have a sort of combine/meet on the 13th with my HS football team.

As of lately, my bench has been shit and my squat has been great, which has caused me in both cases to not follow the general westside rule and rotate my max effort movements. The 11-17 of July i was gone and did not lift. Since then however i have done a ME day for bench and squat each week, which i now realize probably wasnt the best idea. I tried to ME squat this morning, and i believe i finally feel what it means to have your CNS fried.

This leads me to my question. What should i do until the 13th. Its almost 2 weeks away, but not quite, so i am afraid to max bench or max squat again as i want my CNS to be alright for the 13th. So anyone have any thoughts as to what my lifting schedule should be like until testing day?

(btw i will have to test squat bench dead clean 40 and vert on the 13th)