Testing Body Fat %

I don’t need to know bad enough to spend money on testing my body fat % but I thought it would be pretty cool to know generally. Could somebody tell be the best way to test body fat for free…if there is a way?

The only totally free way, would be to break into a hospital or university, and use the underwater weighing unit yourself. I can’t say I recommend it though.

The cheapest way would be to go and…gasp…buy a basic pair of calipers. Shouldn’t be more than $10 or $20 bucks. I’m sure you can find info online about on how to use them. They’re not insanely accurate, but if it’s what you use consistently, you can get a decent guideline.

FREE! Stand infront of a mirror. If you see striations and veins, and can identify most fo the muscles (definition) then you’re probably about 10% (male). If you can’t see them, keep workin’.