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Testing 1RM


I am going to be doing OLAD in a few weeks, and I would like to have a little better idea of my 1 RM than my ongoing conjecture based on my working sets in my current workout. Two questions -

1 - Is it better, worse, or a matter of preference whether to get a 1 RM based on what you can lift one time, or use a set of <10 to failure and use an online calculator. the only lift over 300 will probably be squats, so tendon/ligament issues arent really a huge deal.

2 - Can I get multiple 1 RMs accurately in one workout, or should I break them up? and, if so, how should they be broken up? I take a week off after completing every 3-6 week program, so i really could go in and do one each day.

I honestly havent done this in like 5 years, so thank you for helping with my nit-picking questions. I probably havent had a decent routine since then either, yikes!


1.) Getting your true 1RM is definitly better than guessing at it.

2.) It depends on how advanced you are. If you are advanced, then hitting more than 1 max-out for the day might really wear you out. It doesn't seem that way for you, so you probably can hit 2 a day.


Like Trinsey said, I think you could reasonably figure out 2 (mayyyybe 3) exercises. Especially if they're for different bodyparts, you allow a good amount of time between attempts, and you're shooting for the 2RM.