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Testing 1RM Before or After Deload?

Hei Guys

I’m currently in my last week of 5/3/1 ( + PR set). The plan was to do a 1RM test week after the cycle followed by a deload week follwed by a new cycle (new template). Been running a triumvirate version with 5x5 @FSL for the last couple months now.

My plan after the 1RM test is NOT to use my new 1RM to calculate a new TM, just to test new maxes.

My question, whats better. Doing FIRST a deload week and then a 1RM test week or as intendent the oppostie? I’cant find an article in the books. Because of momentum i’m afraid to not hit PR maxes after the deload.


What do you think the purpose of the TM test week is? Do you have Forever? Even if you get more than 5 reps at your TM you shouldn’t increase your TM by more than the normal amount.

It doesn’t matter. Setting aside a week after the deload would be a bit of a waste of time though.

You could do it during week 3 (or any week) using joker sets, or you could do it as a deload by working up to a 1–3 rep max and calling it a day.

It wouldn’t hurt to take it a bit easy on the PR set if you’re worried about not being fresh. Just don’t make it a habit that you’re always testing at the expense of training. You probably knew that already but if I don’t say it, someone else will.

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He wants to test his 1RM, not his TM.

good advice, thx


Tired brain, sorry.

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