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Testing 1...2


Hey guys,
I have a friend that is about to be tested for steroids by his school. His teachers think he exhibits "roid rage" in class toward other students. So, from what he has told me, the school is going to have him do a urine steroid test? I thought these tests were extremely expensive and done through blood work??

What doesn't make sense, is that he isn't involved in any extracurricular activities or sports. Does anyone else think this is total bullshit? The funny thing is, he doesn't take steroids.


What country is this taking place in?


If in they US they can't do it, nor in many other countries.

tell him to report the school...


In Texas, they nurse told him it was optional but he went ahead and agreed. After all, he has nothing to hide, so why not make his school waste money for being jackasses. But, they said if he does test positive, that it is considered a felony and he would get in big trouble, even if he wasn't in possession.


WEll as I see it he has nothing to gain and everything to lose. Even knowing he is in the clear I would make them promiss something in return if he tests positive, Just my 2 cc.

Hell all the "ROID" paronia as of late he could score some prime time TV make it on Oprah or some shit. LOL Which could be good showing this BS is getting out of hand. That it is more due to the Person and their mind than steroids for someone being an asshole.


If the test gets fucked up and comes back positive then he's in the deep end...

Why agree to it... they can't make him.

Mind you could make for a great law suit...


LOL I don't understand how this test could get fucked up, it's a urine test, and the only thing he has ever touched has been protein. How could there be a lawsuit if they gave him the option of taking a steroid/drug test?


if tested + then (and he was actually clean) then if he can prove it he would have a case....

Test have been wrong before - I had someone test + but were not using anything and never had. Latter found that the test had been cross contaminated.