Testimony on The Anabolic Diet

Hey guys…

I just wanted to make a post seperate from the mack daddy post with some testimonies about the effectiveness of the anabolic diet…so that if someone comes on here interested in it…they can read this thread and if interested then delve into the big post…so lets have at it…

Maybe a good place to start is how long you were on the anabolic diet…results in weight lost, muscle gained, strength improvments…and maybe any other comments that could help a person make the proper decision whether this is the route that they need to take diet wise…


I’ll bite.

August '06 to Feb '07, went from 176 to 205, with minimal fat gain.

I went off the diet in Feb '07 but was back on by May '07 because I had gained fat and hadn’t gained muscle on a conventional diet. I ballooned up to like 220.

May '07 to now, 220 to 205, and I am carrying more muscle now than I was then, a lot more thickness.

In the whole experience my bench has increased 80ish lbs, my squat probably 140 lbs, and my deadlift 120-140 lbs. Keep in mind this is all over a year. I had been working out for a while before discovering the diet, but got serious when I started the AD.

Edit: I am 6’2

I lost ~8-10 pounds before I moved onto something different. Muscle and strength stayed the same.

It took me over a month to get it exactly right though. The carb load days make or break this and I found that two days was way too long to stuff carbs (for me).

Even though I never stuffed myself to oblivion, it turns out that undid most of my work in the week. Didn’t see results until I cut down to 1 cheat day with maybe 2/3 of that day being clean.


I like the AD because it’s easy for me to follow. Make some meat and veggies at the start of the week for lunches, have eggs for dinner, add a couple protein shakes and I’m all set. On weekends it gives me permission to eat like a normal person and not feel guilty about eating my mom’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

In the last two months I’ve lost an inch and a half from my waist without ever feeling deprived. Bench press, squat and pull-up numbers have all increased slightly. I haven’t stepped on a scale.

I have been learning on the AD diet for about 5 months now.

In the last 4 weeks I’ve gained 3.9kg… 1.8cm on my forarms and arms, and 2cm on my neck.