Hello all… A recent blood test shows my T at 254 so the doc gave me some 50mg Testim samples and said to use it before bed. What does everybody think of this stuff? I have read all the instructions - what I am looking for I guess is opinion of how well it works just to give a nice safe general boost, and for long-term usage. I have no experience with HRT, though I have taken Tribex and liked that a lot, but my doc I think is looking for a more permanent solution. I take M everyday and was planning on continuing when I take the Testim - is this OK? I’m 36 yrs old if that matters. Sorry if these are newbie questions but hey, I’m a newbie what can I say… Thanks a lot whoever has any info… muchas gracias.

  • mark

Supposedly, each 50mg tube actually delivers 5mg through the skin. I can’t prove it, but this “measurement” seems so approximate that I’d rate it as a semi-scientific, wild-ass guess. The max recommended dose for HRT is two tubes/day.
Testim is good stuff. It acts fast, clears fast, and won’t turn your liver to leather. Use it at least four hours prior to your workouts. Subjectively, 10mg of Testim equals 10mg of oral oxandrolone for strength and beats 10mg of D-bol for sexual function. It’s nowhere near enough for a stand-alone cycle, but it would seem to be a relatively safe and effective addition to any cycle.

If you liked Tribex when you tried it then use it. It could be more of a permanent solution than you think. The stuff your doc is giving you will eventually make it so you produce less of your natural test, so in the very long run you will be worse off than you are now. Tribex and other herbal supplements of its kind will help your body to make more of your own natural test and not lower your count. Hope this helps.

I have used it and I think it’s absolute crap! According to my doctor’s directions, I rubbed it on my upper body (chest, delts, and upper arms). All I noticed is that my upper arms broke out with bad acne, which I still have even though I haven’t used the stuff in months! The smell was bad enough to keep the undead away!

I hope you have better luck with it than I did. Best of luck with it!