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Testim Working but...


I have been on Testim for 6 weeks now. I am 31 years old, no prior PH or steroid use and was diagnosed with low T in January. My test was at 271 in January and after 6 weeks I am at 558. My doctor is excited but I am not as my libido has not been what I wanted. Obviously there is improvement, but when i first started on Testim I felt GREAT, and then it came down to almost how I felt before the HRT.

I am wondering if I should also try a natural test booster and maybe something that has an estrogen blocker. I just want to feel great. Am I asking too much or should I feel great when my levels are "right"?


Have you read the stickies?


My bad. This forum has its act together, I will gather and repost. Thank You.


Natural test booster, while you are on test, is absolutely stupid and pointless. YOu have a lot of learning to do. Read stickeys and come back with questions and suggestions.