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Testim to Axiron ---- My experience


Well, I finally signed up for this forum after lurking since finding out that I have Low T. There are some brilliant guys who post on here and I really appreciate all of the information.

After being diagnosed with low T - 205ng/dl 350-1000, my urologist put me on a Testim regimen. One tube per day (50mg?). I did this for a few weeks and then called his office to let them know that I wasn't really feeling the effects. They told me to increase the dosage to a tube and a half per day.

I stayed on this for about a month and felt significantly better than I had been feeling. My appointment with an Endo finally arrived and I brought all of my test results to him for the initial consultation.

He asked me outright if I wanted to start injections and I told him that I was probably headed that way. I was armed with the information from these forums and could see the proverbial "writing on the wall". He said before I started that I MAY want to try a brand new topical solution that was very promising. He said that he had other patients taking Axiron (2% underarm liquid) and that they were getting better than expected test results.

I told him that I was open to it and he gave me a voucher for the first bottle free, and the following 12 months' supply at $25 ea. Pretty good, considering the co-pay costs of Testim. (~$80 mo.). My initial dose was two "swipes" per day, yielding 60mg of Testosterone. Ever since stopping the Testim, however, I have gone back to feeling like crap with energy levels and mind cloudiness. I have called the doctor's office after two weeks to ask if I can increase the dosage, but was told that it was too early and to be patient.

I honestly don't think that this particular product is a good fit for me and my situation, as it doesn't seem to be very effective for me. Testim did provide some relief but only on a small scale.

Do you guys think that I should push for injections next or I should wait another four weeks and go take the blood test and let the Doc try to raise the dosage? Another issue is that since I started feeling like crap, I started supplementing the Axiron with leftover Testim so that I can make it through the week. I am worried that my test results will not accurately depict the results of the Axiron.

Here it is in a nutshell: Should I try to press my Endo for injections asap or should I ride out the gels? Also, if I ride out the gels, is there any way to reduce the numbers quickly so that it only shows the effect from the Axiron? I don't want to take anything to reduce T levels, just an indication of when I should abandon taking anything but the Axiron so that it levels out to what's accurately being delivered.

Thanks for sharing your wealth of information. I really enjoy reading the posts!


Dude, if your doctor has you only on Axiom, you should not be supplementing with Testim and then hoping to trick the blood tests. In this case, there is no reason to do the blood test!

It sounds like the topicals are not for you. These things are so hit or miss, and the injections are so easy and consistent, that I don't know why anyone would bother to fool with the gels and creams nowadays. Two injects a week taking a grand total of 2 minutes per and I am all set.

Your endo seems to be open to injections, you are feeling like shit on the protocol he has you on, I think this is a clear path to happiness.


I was was on testim up until a month ago (1.5 tubes/day) prior to testim I was on testopel implants for a year. I am now trying axiron. Testopel worked great the first year then switched docs and he had me on testim which really didnt work at all.

I have been trying axiron for 2 weeks now and not impressed. I am really considering injections. Axiron is more messy than testim as it runs down my armpit...also I dont really feel "good" as i did with testopel implants. I'm interested to hear your experience.


Don't waste another day if you can help it.

Injections have been my answer to feeling like "crap" and to resolving many of my Low T issues. I am currently on injections and can honestly say that you should throw away your gels and pull the trigger on dialing in your proper injection regimen. Pain isn't even a concern and I am dosing twice a week, as recommended on these boards.

Good luck!


I have been on Axiron for 5 months and giving it time is definitely needed..If you look at the package insert it shows you the loop after 7 weeks. Took about 3-4 weeks for me to feel it and even upped it to 2 swipes twice a day and that was too much...It all depends what your norm is..Did you have a full hormonal assay before you were diagnosed low? Without that it makes it difficult to find your number. Anyway I use 2 in the morn and 1 arm at night...Keeps me where I want to be. It is the most advanced of the topical's and you have daily control as not to take too much and experience atrophy....


Some feedback for you.... I did Testim - 1 tube a day for 4 months. I felt a little better but my tests didn't show that much improvement.

I went on 2 tubes a day for about 10 days. There was a noticeable improvement, but 2 tubes of gel a day is a royal pain , and gel doesn't seem to fit well with an active workout/lifestyle.

I'm now on my 3rd week of injections - .5ml of 200mg test cyp a week.

The very first week I noticed a difference. Not over the top, but a difference. I had more "general" energy, I'm more alert, and I'm in a better mood. There are other differences too!

Injections are the wear to go IMO. The first stick was surprisingly painless.


Have you tried...




...wait for it...




...wait for it...




...ZINC? (and Vitamin B2?)


Your first post in this forum is WTF in a thread dead for 4 years?