Testim Side Effects

Hello fellow members. I need some experienced help. I have prescribed testim for about two years now on and off. Four months on two months off. I get the side effect I believe of enlaged prostate, urinating frequently and sometimes low back pain. I do have low test levels as stated by the doctor but I didnt pay attention to the number he said.

The gel really does work for me in gaining size, sexual drive,not being tired during the day etcccc. I have read that the gels are very low on the scale as far as the steroids go but I guess everyone is different. But so far I really see the gains and so do others around me.

But what I am asking for is any advice on herbal products for the prostate or liver. Or in general what i should be taking with it. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Study up on a product called Zyflamend.

I looked that up and it seems to be what I need. Info was much appreciated.