Testim Questions

I just got a prescription for Testim, my first foray into T-supplementation. Does anyone know about this stuff? It seems very mild from all indications; is there any way to augment or enhance the way it works?

From what what I have been reading and what my doctor explained to me once your on test ordered by a doctor its pretty much for a long time or life. I have hypogonadism it seems like my test levels were really low. The doc put me on Androgel pretty similar to Testim. If i were you I would just take it how the doctor suggests to. I take to supplement that Animal Stack. I figure i should try to get the boys working naturally but i am no expert. you might want to search for testim threads. But i think i definitely feel allot better with the 7.5 gms i rub on in the morning plus the Animal Stack 2.

Right on, thanks. I realize now that this is a pretty mild deal compared to a lot of what I see on this fourm… I’m just in the early stages (45) of fighting aging, but as time goes on, I’ll do what’s necessary. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll research Animal Stack.

No Problem. I am a fan of androgel or testim. I am only on my 2nd week of the therapy and feel great. At first i thought it was a mind thing but it really isnt. I have been more sexuall active with my wife my energy levels went up and when i wake up i dont feel half as tired as i did when i wasnt on it. Plus my endurance in running has increased and my lifting as well. I kind of depend on this stuff and highly respect its abilities. If it werent for this i would have probably not been able to keep up with the other soldiers in my unit. Universal makes great products Highly suggest you try them.