Testim or Clomid?

My doc has me on Testim but it seems to not be doing a whole lot for my sex drive, note he will not prescribe me aromatase inhibitors. I was thinking about asking him for clomid since it acts as both a testosterone booster and as a serm, what should I do, my appointment is coming up soon and I need to decide here soon.

You need to post lab results with ranges. Read the advice for new guys sticky.

[quote]KSman wrote:
You need to post lab results with ranges. Read the advice for new guys sticky.[/quote]

Testosterone: 275 NG/DL
SHBG: 9 mol/L
Calc Free Testosterone: 9.1 NG/DL

This is all I have from my lab results, the Dr. took my results before I had a chance to make copies. Note, there was no estrogen lab results. I’m having a difficult time finding someone that prescribes AI, as my current Dr is a urologist and does not prescribe estrogen blockers. I’m having blood work done on 3-21 and see the Dr on 3-25 which is when I was going to ask him to prescribe me Clomid over the Testim. Need advice please.

First and foremost - those labs are YOURS. You have a right to them. Demand a copy - always.
It is possible that you are not absorbing the Testim well - most here recommend going to IM shots. You can always get your AI from the internet. What about hCG? Will he prescribe that? You need to educate yourself, so you can talk sensibly to your doctor. If your doctor isn’t willing to listen, find a new doc. They are doing you a service - you pay good money for it. You should get what you want.

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