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Testim Not Working


I am a 48 year old male, 5 ft 11, 170 with minimal fat. I was recently placed on Testim 100 as an attempt to raise my T from 270 total, 9 free. After one month of using the Testim religiously, combined with a comprehensive fitness plan, I have not seen any increases in my T levels. In fact, it seems the Testim has taken me in the opposite direction. Are there others out there who have also experienced this? By the way, I also take DIM.


Did you take another blood test?

If you didn't, then you can't see if it raised T or had no effect. It's not a matter of whether it "seems" it took you in a direction. Granted you can feel like it hasn't done anything, but a blood test shows if it was raised or not.

By the way, if you've been running on low T for a long time, it's most likely going to take some time before you feel like your old self.


You definitely need another blood test to recheck your T levels, usually done a week or two after starting treatment with topicals. You don't really know how much you're absorbing and how much that brings your levels up, until you have labs done.

Ask your doc to order some labs. Make sure your Estradiol is checked, too. Topicals are subject to individual physiology and just aren't effective for some, or only effective in very large doses. Any reason you wouldn't consider injections?


Read the stickies, including the protocol for injections!

You applied how much Testim?

Some do get decreased T levels, and E2 is elevate. That is a symptom of hypothyroidism. Test TSH, fT3, fT4.
What is your iodine intake?
Dry skin, brittle or thin nails, hair problems?
Feel cold easily?

There are often multiple problems and TRT is only one piece of the puzzle.

After you read the advice for new guys sticky, come back here with more info.