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Testim Gel: Women Love This Scent


This is incredible to me, but I've been on Testim 1% gel now for about a month, and women are actually stopping me walking by and asking what I'm wearing. They absolutely love the scent, and can only describe it as a "clean and crisp" type smell. WTF?

My question: Is anybody else out there experiencing this with this product?

(Maybe the fact that testosterone, being a potent androgen, has something to do with it, but I would have figured that the scent women would pick up would be the alcohol based carrier and not the male hormone. Women do have a more sensitive sense of smell than men though, so maybe this shouldn't surprise me or anyone else.)

Weird but fascinating stuff...if anyone has gotten similar feedback, I'm very curious to hear your experience(s) with this product is.

  • Mike


You seem to be suggesting that women are picking up on the smell of your higher T level - or some 'potent androgen' pheromone...

Is this the case?

Pheromones are not consciously smelt in the traditional sense, not so that someone would ask what 'the smell' is.

While pheromones are scents, and while women ARE attracted (visibly so) to a man with a higher T level, it isn't the case that a woman will ask what the smell is (to which i assume the reaction would be "Oh, that's my testosterone, it's a potent androgen you know..")

As a point of general contention, Testosterone is an androgen, but Dihydrotestosterone would be considered potent..

If you are genuinely asking if anyone else has noticed that women find the smell of TRT gel products pleasant - then i am sorry but i cannot help.
I have had a lot of luck with quality aftershaves myself.. but whatever works, and more power to you.



Thanks JJ. I'm not sure what I was asking now that I read your reply, just looking for feedback from anyone with Testim gel experience. It's the only "X" variable here that's different, so that I point it out.

While what you say is spot on, perhaps I can't rule out the possibility that it is the carrier (and perhaps the test combo) that they enjoy getting a wiff of. Don't know, all I can give here is the feedback I've been getting.

One last thing I'd like to clarify here is that it IS most certainly the smell that's causing it. I'm sure of this because I can sense it myself, and when they ask I can detect it coming from the same place they do (i.e., the application area of the gel). In fact, since my initial post I've gotten yet another compliment on it!

I'm just surprised that they find it appealing; to me it smells OK, but they seem blown away by it (yeah, I don't get it either, but more power to me indeed).

Thanks again for your feedback reagrdless!

  • Mike

BTW: What aftershave brands have you had success with, out of curiosity? I by the stuff myself, so feedback here would also be greatly appreciated.


AHAHA man you crack me up HA

"Whats that smell"

"Oh thats why high testosterone it's a potent androgen you know"

AHA i would pay someone to say that !


I just started using Testim 1% two months ago...I apply it every nite before bedtime.
This morning when i went to the lab to have blood work done the female lab technician kept going on and on how good i smelled;she asked what kind of cologne i used. I just got out of bed and went straight to the lab to have my blood work done i didn't apply any cologne..I rarely use cologne..She said it was a nice musk smell:). First time this ever happen to me.


I've heard of this of this phenomena from a few other sources. Not sure what the cause is, but you're not the first person to say that.


The doctor just gave me a script for the stuff. The pharmacy had to order it and it won't be here until the end of the week. After a few days, if a bunch of women start hanging around sniffing me, I will let everyone know. :sunglasses:


It is a fact. I have experienced it first hand.


Ever heard of the Axe project? Then took a certain group of males and sprayed half of them with Axe cologne, then they had women watch all of these men on tv and pick out which ones were the most attractive, the women did not know, neither could they smell if the males were wearing cologne. A very high percentage of the females picked males that were wearing cologne.

So they explained the phonemonon my saying that men who wore axe and smelled great carried themselves with more confidence around other males "Alpha Male" type if you will.

Bring me to my point, testosterone with help you feel more confident about yourself and carry yourself differently and that coiuld be attractive to a new caliber of females. I had similar observations after i started using steroids that that wasnt just because of size i gianed from the cycle


I know it doesnt asnwer your guestion, but kind of a cool pieceo of info i heard and wanted to share!


i have a testim script also, I also have had many replies that it smells great....chicks do appreciate it.....i only appreciate it with a shot or two a week on top of it....alone it uhhhhh SUCKS.....440 total t level wank wank, i went back on the shot for my trt


I just began Testim one week ago today and I've also had multiple random comments from women about the smell. I remember the very first day I walked through a door and held it open for the woman behind me which caused a breeze. Afterwards she complimented me on the smell and I cracked up laughing as soon as she was out of ear shot. Similar situations have happened 2 or 3 times since.

Still interested in hearing other stories.


It you thinks thats good, you should try Sex Panther!!


One of the ingredients of Testim is pentadecalactone which is the main naturally-occurring scent chemical of male humans which serves to attract females. Pentadecalactone is produced by the apocrine glands of the male armpit. The same chemical is a male attractant scent chemical of many other mammals. The smell of pentadecalactone is sweet, powdery, and woody.