Testim Gel: Can You Inject It Rather Than Apply to Skin?

Another Daft question from a new member (sorry in advance).
I was put on Nebido first shot six weeks then second shot which was to last up to twelve weeks, came off as my already poor hairline began shedding uncontrollably.

Prior i was on Testogel with no real noticeable issue, but wife hated me being near her for fear of transmittal.
So despite wife i went on Testim? which is not in sachets so is more user friendly.

But my Really daft question is could i inject this into muscle groups as and when suits, or are ingredients not safe, anyone have a reasonable thought on how this would effect me.

I’m a fifty year old regular gym goer but no superman muscles while not overly large are well defined.

Thanks for any reply regardless of comments.

sweet jesus no whatever you do, do NOT inject it.

Now I remember why I never come to the steroids forum anymore…

Yeah someone else just told me how stupid I am.
might have to back to excessive hairloss but was worth asking.


Glad you did this time.


de nada. As a general rule: only inject things that have been very carefully prepared for exactly that purpose.

This came up with my axiron, do not inject, DO NOT INJECT. Go with cypionate or enathate weekly.

If you do inject. Only do so directly into the left teste.

On a more serious note. DO NOT INJECT

Apperently their are chemicals in it that are hard on kidneys, which i dont understand as it goes on body any way.