Testim for TRT. 45 Years Old Test Levels 180 and 154

I’m new to forum and to TRT. I had 2 blood draws and the first draw my T was 180 and 2 weeks later 154. I will admit I’m overweight, but workout on a daily basis.
I actually went to doctor to check for thyroid issues, but found out thyroid was fine, but T was very low.
I was prescribed, TESTIM at 1/2 tube once a day, but I have been using the entire tube each morning. I have only been using for 3 days. Everything I’ve read online,is at least 1 tube or 2 tubes every morning.
What can I expect for results?
TESTIM is the only topical, my insurance will pay for.

Is there anything legal, I can add to get the best results? Or prevent negative results?


Hi Aaron, I love Testim I did 1 tube a day for 6 months I went from 180ng/dL natty to over 600 but my E2 and prolactin also went out of range. You will need access to an AI. Mono T usually has neg sideeffects like high E2 prolactin and HCT. Regular blood test are very important you don’t want man boobs or becoming so sensitive you cry at the drop of a hat. Both are very embarrassing.
EDIT I have now switched to T cyp injections with HCG and an AI when needed.

When you say ai when needed… How do you know?

We see guys coming in here all the time telling us their doctors telling them their thyroid is fine (thyroid’s within ranges, you’re fine speech) only to learn once labs are posted thyroid isn’t fine after all. In a day where the sick care model is falling us and doctors chase lab numbers ignoring symptoms only to find out it’s the insurance companies placing limitations on doctors from taking action sooner.

Your comment about your insurance will only pay for Testim is troubling, it means they are resistant to putting out any money for your health. You need to understand those who have insurance that there are decisions being made behind your back in regards to your health that you may not be aware, there are cut off points where unless you fall below a certain threshold, insurance will deny treatment and the doctor will tell you your thyroid is fine when it’s not. The labs have more value than the words coming out of most doctors mouths.

Why are you not on injections? Where are all your pre-TRT labs?

I’m willing to bet Free T3, Reverse T3 were never tested.

Blood test is the best way to know.
Hi E2 and prolactin will usually make you feel extra sensitive, tear-up easily. Your nipples can get sensitive. In worse cases leak a clear liquid and or start getting puffy. Cyclers must use an AI but even TRT lvl can require a low dose. (.25 to .50/wk) Did that help?

Yes. My e2 is in the mid 30s. Using ai crashes me. But I seem fine in the mid 30s.

Charle you don’t know where your E2 is you won’t know for about 5 week of applying the testim.
In 5 to 6 week get your blood tested you need TT FT, SHGC, E2, prolactin, HCT.

Based on your SHGB you body will convert (aromatase) a lot of your T to E2 and prolactin.
The higher your T the more E2.

Thanks for the feed back. I will need to do some additional research with my past labs and gather more information on my thyroid numbers and additional test numbers. Like I said, I’m new to this. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
In regards to injections, what prescription’s are usually prescribed? I guess I need to check to see if my insurance will cover them at all.

Aromatase lives in the fat tissue, the more body fat percentage you have generally the more testosterone will be converted into estrogen, losing weight can go a long way towards minimizing the aromatase enzyme.