Testicular Shrinkage and HCG

I have been taking TRT for a year and a half now. I definitely expected shrinkage of my testicles but they are getting much smaller than I feel comfortable with. How should I go about introducing HCG into my current routine to regain some testicle size and production. I currently pin 2-3 times a week with 30 mg per injection.

hCG may or may not cause problems. hCG can directly stimulate breast tissue and therefore gyno and cause low libido, ED and fluid retention. Some men can’t tolerate hCG at any dosage.

A small percentage of men actually feel good on hCG, especially those with weak adrenal glands.

This might force you to decrease the T dosage, because hCG increases intratesticular testosterone and estrogen.

What does your doctor say?

I have used 3000 to 10,000 IU of HCG per week and although it allowed me to have two kids, it did NOTHING for my atrophy (half normal size).

It’s not guaranteed to reverse it. But it might.

IME, low doses (~150-200 IU) EOD or 3 times a week plumped me up in a few weeks. YMMV.

For some reason I don’t seem to have ANY testicular atrophy even after 6 years of TRT.

i felt like absolute shit on HCG. first week good, high libido, i actually feel my balls tingling and getting warm, but after a week emotional nightmare, mood issues. hell. i don’t have symptoms even on super hight T doses, so who the fuck knows why

Almost everyone responds well with 700IU weekly. Usually within two weeks.

Were your levels very low when you started? Guys with lower levels going in seem to notice less, or no, atrophy.

It was fairly low, my FT was 4 on a range of 8-25pg/ml. Can’t remember TT.

I too hate the smaller balls thing. One girlfriend mentioned that she liked my “perky balls”.

Anyway, I tried hcg and didn’t seem to respond well. I also found it a pain in the ass to constitute and the water was hard to come by. Just a pain all the way around.

I would at least try it and assess for yourself though.

Is there a point where the testicles do recover from the prolonged atrophey?

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Here’s where I get all my supplies including the bac water.

Same. Never lost any size. But I’ve stayed on clomid almost the whole time.

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Thanks for the links.

When I tried hcg, it was when there was that shortage of bac water. Maybe you guys remember. Few years ago.

My levels were rather good when I started. 590 total one blood test and 540 for another blood test.

Lots of advice here and some of it contradictory. Best advice I can give with a 10+ year history of HCG use at varying dosages, is to try it and see if it works for you. Start at around 500 IU per week in divided doses (I prefer E2D or E3D). I usually schedule the injections for the same day as my T-cyp injections (currently E2D).

Later, you can experiment with higher doses to see if there is any additional benefit once you have sufficiently trialed the starting 500 IU/week total dose. Published data shows that in healthy volunteers undergoing high end doses of TRT (200 mg/wk) reach parity with their pre-TRT testicular activity at around 1000 IU total dose per week. In these two studies, they used intratesticular testosterone levels as a marker of testicular activity. Here’s a graph I made of their published data.

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