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Testicular Pain And Squats


I've been doing a lot of squats and other heavey core lifts, (deads, power cleans, ect...) lately, and have noticed some slight testicular pain recently. got it checked out but doc said nothings wrong just a little inflamed. wondering if doing heavy squats, deads, and so on will do this to ya? Is it some sort of strain on the testes? has anyone else experianced this? any input/advice would help. thanx.



This sometimes happens to me as well. I chalk it up to using a heavy load that my ligaments and some sphincter muscle cramp up a little, and get sore. Try to lighten things up a little, and gradually work your way back up to the heavy weights- ligaments and tendons take longer to adjust to weight than muscles. Also, as an aside, I had testicular torsion when I had just turned 8. The pain from that experience and surgery to this day, keeps me lifting sane amounts of weight. I hope this helps, -Starkdog


GO TO ANOTHER DOCTOR! for god sakes, its your balls! if you lurve yours as much as I lurve mine, you'd do what's right!


Several years ago, a friend of mine went to the doctor. One of his balls was swollen, so much so that it kept flopping out of his shorts when he cut grass. Went to the doctor, doctor looked at it & gave him antibiotics. My friend tried this route for several weeks, didn't work. Went to another doctor, doctor took one look & said get him in the operating room, now! It was cancer. After nut removal and an operation where they took his guts out, laid them on the table and picked thru them, he's doing relatively fine. Get your boys checked & don't always trust one opinion.


By all means, get it checked out by a urologist. It's probably epididimitis, a swelling of your epididymis. And yes, straining can cause it. If I go super heavy or super low on squats, I get the same dull ache on the left side. I've gotten it checked on several occasions, and each time it was nothing. If it is caused by the strain, it should go away in a few days.


I almost forgot, that's exactly what the doc had mentioned, epididymis. and yes, that's exactly where I get it too, on my left side. Its nothing that painful, just a dull, nagging ache. I made sure theres no bumps(which would mean cancer, whew!) and the pain usually resides after a few days, I have noticed that. anyways, thanx for your input t-nation.



BTW, what exactly is a testicular torsion? how is it caused? I for sure have not experianced any life-altering pain as you have, but just for future reference? thanx.


Testicular torsion is when a nut gets twisted on itself or around the other one. Very painful. The real concern is that it may cut off the bloodflow. I've never dealt with it, but the method taught to fix it is to spread them, kind of like opening a book. No fun at all.


I have had the same pain after a few months of heavy squats. It went away. I came to a weak conclusion that it might have come from weak abs. I had weak abs and did a lot of squating. I might have strained a muscle in my abs and the slight strain may have contributed to a little nut pain. My conclusion might have been horrible, but it went away after a couple days and the pain was never too bad. If I would have had the pain for a week or more...then it's time to the Dr.'s office.

Kir Dog


I've had this, for a short time every imagineable fear went through my mind. In my case the problem was a really tight hip flexor, which was impinging the nerve that splits off into the testicle. One visit to my chiropractor/active release technique doctor fixed it. Btw, I used to powerlift competitively and I still do a lot of squats and deadlifts. I have a lot of problems w/ my hip flexors. stretch them often.


To clarify on the testicular torsion, it is when the epididymis tangles up like a phone cord, cutting off circulation to the testicle. This happened to my left testicle. What happened, is that after having 4-5 different doctors fondling my nuts, and series of nuclear x-rays, I underwent surgery, where they essentially performed a vasectomy, but they cut out the bad part of the epididymis and re-attached things.

Needless to say, at the age of 8, having surgery on the nuts scared the hell out of me. To this day, I still cringe when people talk about vasectomies. Luckily, I was put under general anesthesia, and not just a local anesthesia and some versed. Definently get stuff checked out. I couldn't imagine having this procedure done now. -Starkdog


I'm w/ sarge and beefster - I had the same thing in my left nut, and after telling my primary that he sucked, he finally let me go to a surgeon. He told me I was fine, and at worst, it was a slight groin pull.

Since then, I have moved my dead and squat weights up more slowly, and paused at the bottom of the ATF squats for one second - still get a dull ache periodically, but it goes away quickly.