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Testicular Pain and Atrophy


In the last month or so I notices testicular atrophy so I inspected my HCG vial and realized I was supposed to throw it out after a month. I did so however when mixing the new HCG, I didn’t successfully create vacuum in the vial. I had to depress the plunger myself and froth was formed on top of the liquid. It’s been about 2 weeks that I’ve been using the new vial however but atrophy has not reversed and now I feel pain in my testicles which I’ve never had before. Should I get new HCG?


Whats your protocol?

Do you use bac water (w/ benzyl alcohol)?

Do you freeze it after reconstituting or just using fridge?


Yeah bac water and no freezing. Have been doing this for 6 months with no problems. 400 iu of hcg and 50mg of test twice a week.