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Testicular Cancer

I was wondering if doing steriods can lead to Testicular Cancer I’ve done 2 cycles of Omnadren 250 , Anadrol 50 and Sustanon 250, D-bol and I don’t wanna be the next Tom Green my nuts still function right but was wondering if anyone has ever got Testicular cancer from steriods. thanks .Cranker.

There is no evidence that AS play any role in testicular cancer.

I feel pretty comfortable with the assumption that Tom Green has never done steroids :]. As far a what I’ve heard, there is at least a notion that testicular cancer could be caused or worsened through higher estrogen levels. So anything that would boost your test levels as in Omna/Sust could be a risk, theoritically by also raising your estrogen. But - I would also have to guess that anti-e’s like nolva and arimidex lower estrogen so it would certainly combat that possibility. Anyone with some ideas on this one? Hopefully with some evidence, unlike myself.

The only forms of cancer AS use might be involved with are liver, kidney, and prostate. Even these links have proven to be sketchy at best. To date, there has been no concrete link between AS and cancer established.