Testicular Cancer Survivor Needs Advice with TRT

TSH isn’t a thyroid hormone, it stimulates the thyroid gland, if you want to see how much thyroid hormones are being produced, then test thyroid hormones ~ Free T4, Free T3 and Reverse T3. Most doctors will fail at thyroid testing and treatment and know shockingly know very little within their own field of medicine.

Your doctor is making the assumption that because TSH is in range that thyroid hormone are also within ranges. This is not always the case, Free T3 shows what’s going on at the cellular level and more closely correlates with symptoms, not so with TSH.

HCG is the only thing to reverse testicular atrophy, not everyone will see testicle atrophy, but a slight reduction. Some men cannot tolerate HCG and it can cause gyno, not surprising since it abundant in females. HCG is HPTA suppressive and only stimulates half of the testicles and anastrozole has no affect on estrogen produced inside the testicles.

Understood. Thanks. Hardartery-I have a 10 year old son from a previous relationship. My wife and I would like to have children, but after talking about it, she agreed that my quality of life is more important. We can always adopt, and I do already have some sperm stored!

If fertility is not a deal breaker, you are most likely going to be on TRT no matter what at some point from this.

Thanks SystemLord and Hardartery. Should my T4 of 1.2mg/dl make me feel better, or should I get T3 and rT3 ASAP based off that level?

So, if I’m not concerned so much with fertility, do you agree with TC only (100mg week?). If I decide to start TRT, I’d lean toward EOD SQ dosing.


It’s best to test Free T3 instead of T3. If you were concerned with fertility later on you could always restart homeostasis and add HCG and FSH injections to get things going again.

25mg EOD is a good place to start.

Thanks systemlord!

One more question (theoretical). I was wondering if you think it’s possible for me to take a very low dose of TC (say 8mg EOD), without shutting down my natural T production? Basically, just adding a little extra T to my system. I found a thread on here where some thought that was definitely possible. If my T is currently 429 and my LH and FSH are elevated out of range, it appears that my body is trying to make more T but unable (remaining testicle is good enough to get me to 429, but not to exactly where HPTA wants me). So the thought is since my body wants more T anyway, perhaps my situation is uniquely suited for taking just enough T to get back to my body’s desired level and for LH and FSH to fall within normal range. For example, I could start treatment very low dose and follow LH and FSH closely and once they were mid range, keep my dose there (and live with that T level). I hypothesize it would go up by 100 or so, for example. I would love to get your thoughts on this. To clarify, my goal is just to get back to normal homeostasis and relieve symptoms.


Thats not how it works. It would still shut you down and leave you with lower levels than you have now.

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1mg of Test would shut you down because you’re breaking the feedback loop by introducing exogenous testosterone.

There is no reality where you are injecting Test and HPTA isn’t shut down.

Normal ranges doesn’t really determine normal status for you, only the entire population as a whole. There are 2% of the population above and below normal. We have men with high LH and low testosterone, men with low LH and mid-normal testosterone.

There are two components, pituitary secretion of LH and how well your testicles respond to LH stimulation. Your mileage may vary.

hey Michael , check this:

so, cancer cells need 2 thinks to survive, glucose and/or glutamine.
remember, cancer its a symptom! that something is going really bad in your body which make the cells change their metabolism in order to survive the environment (body)
if you do not change the environment the chances of the “symptom” came back are high.

imo you should go on that diet, start TRT, no HCG, monitoring E2.
wish you best. GL

edit: on the article said about coconut oil as a bad source of fat, DIS-CONSIDERED THAT, coconut oil is the best! :

  • Plus high good fats (EVOO, avocado, nuts and seeds, fish oils), at least 70:30 over bad fats (saturated fats like dairy, coconut oil etc.)

Thanks again systemlord and straff. I still have not started HRT yet. Still waiting on some extra levels. I recently had mine drawn again and I have updated it below. I excluded the 4/29/19 results because those were from a different lab. Also, my lipid panel sucked for some reason (even though I eat super clean). High triglycerides, LDL, and low HDL. Any insight is appreciated. Wondering if DHEA supplements can help in this case? Planning to add an additional 5,000iu of Vit. D daily for a total of 10,000iu daily.