Testicular Cancer Recovery: Diet?

Hi all, not posted in ages and it’s always post surgery when I post - anyway, I was diagnosed with a testicular tumor about 2 weeks ago and underwent orchiectomy (removal of the testicle) last Tues. I get the pathology results next Tuesday, and will know of any further therapy then.

In anticipation of undergoing further treatment, I plan on sperm banking in case of reduced fertility in the future. Can anyone recommend any diet plans that can help this (boost sperm count in the short term)? Or diets to be followed during chemo/radiotherapy? Does anyone have any thoughts/personal stories?

Normally I’ve followed a relatively good diet (a few too many carbs and probably a bit too little protein); recently that fell by the wayside - but I’m more than motivated to change this now. I take fish oil and multivitamins. I can’t lift at the moment (I’ve been lifting much less recently since taking up other sports, plus emigrating from England to NYC for my PhD), but will try to do some physical exercise when I am cleared.

Best, Olly

From the article:
“Additionally, resveratrol caused a 76% increase in sperm count, all of this without any adverse effects. (1)”

Take ZMA too.

Sorry to hear the news, good luck.