Testicular Cancer - Best HRT

10 years ago got the worst news–bilateral testicular cancer. Freaked me out. Calmed down, did the radiation treatments and chemo. Have been cancer free for 10 years. Had testicular implants so I wouldn’t feel/look like a freak.
Was put on HRT–200mg testosterone inj every 2 weeks. 400mg a month.

Began working out. toned up well but never put on substantial muscle mass. Dr. would not increase Test. Friends helped me find more test–Test P and started using it–100 mg on off weeks–incresaed to 200mg off weeks.
Muscle mass began but still not substantial. Had some issues with sensitivity in nipples so added Tamoxifen Citrate.
Need to know how to really grow and substantially increase strength–or if it’s a lost cause. I do the Test p for 8 week cycles but have to stay on the 200mg test C injestions twice a month for life.

I take supplements, Protein regurarly–60mg-100mg daily. Creatine in shakes, multi vitimans, etc.
Doc monitors test blood levels and estrogen as well–once every 3 to 6 months. Sometimes my free test is very high but bound test is always in the normal to slightly elevated range. Liver function is always excellent.

What can I do to grow–I work out hard, heavy weight and have become very vascular but shoulders, traps are always a problem.
Help!!! I will take all information and filter through it, change docs if necessary.

are you looking to change your protocol for your test injections? Or do you want to just use more test yourself? If it’s the latter, you’re in the wrong forum. There’s a steroid section you can check out that will do you well.

If you’re looking for a different protocol, then try a different doctor. Try to get your doc to let you self inject twice a week, that would really be the best, and you can add whatever amount of test you want for yourself. From what I’ve read on these forums, most docs won’t go above 100mg/wk so if you’re looking for substantially more then you’ll have to supply it yourself.

I want to change my protocol. I think my doc will work with me–nows I am VERY frustrated.
Can do injections 2 x week as I now inject myself–was hard at first but getting used to it.
How much Test C 2x week?
What other protocol will help me develop solid muscle and strength? Open to all suggestions.

Also been reading about AI–my estrodial has been slightly elevated–the urologist says “nothing to be concerned about.” After reading T-Nation articles I am. My GP (the Doc who will work with me will let me do educate both of us–imagine that!!).
Should I add AI to the mix, if so, how much how often?

I am learning that injectables are better than oral most of the time–not so toxic to the liver.
What else should I add–if you have time–lay it all out for me–I am a quick learner.

Guys in the gym are always offering to sell gear–I have not taken them up on offers–need to know what I am getting.
Though I might sound like I am whining–I can bench 350, squat 400, etc. Biceps are now 16", etc. It’s all good, though I have days where I feel totally wrung out–on those days, muscle tone is poor–drives me crazy.
Your site is the best, so many knowledgable people willing to share.

You know so very little. But you are in the right place.

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Estradiol [E2] management is mission critical, can you post labs?

Need to do lab work on your own? lef.org | products | blood testing
Will be on sale in April.

Started to post 2 weeks ago but realized I needed to get personal health labs before proceeding so informed choices can be made. Thanks KS Man for all your info–been reading all I can of your posts.
I’m 44 years old.
200 lb
work out 3x week religiously. Heavy weights not much muscle gain over the years but have great strength.

e2 33 (20-44)
testostern 355 (350-890)
free test 105 (47-244)
Estra by tms 35 (9-36)
estrone 41 (9-36)
estrogens total 76 (19-69)
HCG TM 1.55 (0.4-4.9)
Free T4 1.2 (0.7-1.5)

I can post whatever other levels you want–have complete fasting results.

I had testicular cancer 10 yrs ago (bilateral) went through chemo and radiation–have been cancer free since. Thank God the doc let me have implants.
Am on total HRT
Docs feel that 200mg Test C IM 2xmo is sufficient. I have never felt 100%.
Since reading forums here–especially KS Man posts, I feel I am becoming educated and plan on having a frank discussion with GP and Urologist in appointments next month.
Will present both with KS Man’s protocal:

  • 100mg test cypionate or ethanate injected per week with two or more injections per week.
  • 250iu hCG SC EOD [every other day]
  • 1.0mg Arimidex/anastrozole per week in divided doses.

Live in a relatively small town with very conservative medical community–so may be in for a fight to change to new protocal. But will.

I have battled face bloating, sensitive nipples, hot and cold flashes for 10 years–also depression for which the Dr. prescribed Effexor. Also have severe BPH and have been prescribed Flomax for stronger urine flow.

It seems that the Dr’s prefer to treat symptoms not the underlying problems. NO more of this for me!!!

I am very active, own a vineyard and small farm with horses, etc. It’s a grest life but for what I now realize are misdiagnosed hormonal issues that I have to straighten out–on my own.

I would greatly appreciate any and all input–especially from KS Man. Been reading about AI’s and will order if I can find a safe provider, same with HCG as I really believe my Dr’s will nix both.
Also, being a totally bionic man (some humour here) I may need a modified protocol and am open to suggestions and places to acquire. I learned to self inject–don’t like it but just do it. use 23g 1.5" im needles in the glutes but really like the SC idea though Test C is oil based so may have to also incorporate Test E, P.

Wish I had found this site long ago–my fault–have relied on “professionals” far too long.