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Testicular Cancer and 'Muscle Building Supplements'


We're all gonna die of ball-cancer yew guize!!


My favorite part was when they classified creatine and androstenedione together. So if this causes a panic does that mean creatine prices will drop?


This may be my chance to finally become a black market creatine dealer.


Would love to hear from the scientifically literate as to the implications of this study.



"We further conducted exploratory stratified analyses examining associations with TGCC for the major types of MBS use reported by the study population and found that the use of MBS containing ingredients of both creatine and proteins increased the risk of TGCC significantly (OR =2.55, 95% CI: 1.05รข??6.15)."

in other words creatine & protein supplements also significantly increased ball cancer risk. I'm hoping its a confound of some sort in the study