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Testicular Atrophy

Hey Guys, i am new to this forum so please be kind. I am sure everyone is here to help each other and rectify mistakes that we end up doing. we are only humans

So here it is.
MY name is Singh and i have been a gym enthusiast for about 8 years now.

Here are my stats:
Age 31
Height 6feet3
Weight 94kgs

I have done 2 steroid cycles in my life.
One was test prop and tren ace for 10 weeks with winstrol for first 4 weeks… . My pct( after a week of completion of cycle) included Clomid( 100 for 1st week, followed by 50 for the next 3 weeks ) , Nolva 20 mg throughout the cycle to prevent gyno and hcg 2000iu every 3rd day 8 injections. I never ran any hcg during cycle ( i know it sound stupid, but i was advised not too) .Anyways, I was completely fine after my first course and fully recovered. I did this in 2016 ( from January to March) …

Then after a gap of 1 year I decided to do another one.
This time I took test e ( 500mg/w ) with 30mg anavar everyday for 12 weeks. Pct was same pretty much the same …
Clomid was 100 first week followed by 50 next 2 weeks…
Nolva was 20 throughout the cycle.
And hcg was 2000iu every third day for 3 weeks. ( in total 9 injections).
i didnt run any AI
I started this course in jan 2017 and finished March…

During the whole cycle i felt really strong and would get hard all the time. Sex or masturbation would be sometimes 3 times a day. But after PCT, i felt i have never really completely recovered. I was really confident because of my last cycle but this time it never really felt like returning to normal.
I have been taking test boosters and herbal products so that I can naturally bring the boys back to their original size but it feels like sometimes they are working, sometimes not. Right now I am taking tribulas and macca with some shilajeet ( Indian herb) but they are not fixing the problem completely. Its been 12 months, My balls still feels small and sluggish …i can get a boner ( but noway near as strong as used to be) and the sperm quantity is really low too. . it’s so depressing and worrisome. I did free and total test, the results came out completely fine. My test total was 539 ng/dl and my free test was 13.20 pg/ml.

Someone suggested I do hcg 5000iu/week for 2 weeks to jumpstart the testicals to see if they grow any bigger and firmer but after reading that hcg is actually supressive to natural test production, I got real concerned and I don’t want to do more damage than good. Please any help or advice would be really appreciative .

P.S i am done with steriods for good. I just want to rectify my problem.
Looking forward for your response.

Try a low dose of clomid, eg 12.5mg-25mg/day, for 2 months and see if there is any improvement. It will definitely increase your testicular activity.
For me at least I have come to the conclusion that steroids have a long lasting negative effect on your balls. You are quite a bit younger than me so eventually things might correct themselves after a while.
I’m expecting that if I ever stop cycling steroids I will need to start cycling clomid to keep a respectable level of testosterone, libido.

Its been a whole year and i thought they will eventually get back to normal but they havent. If anything i believe they are getting worse which is really worrying me :frowning: Do you think clomid helps in recovering them naturally?

The clomid should stimulate your balls and that should increase you natural testosterone production, improving things. Try that first.
The TRT forum and ksman in particular will be able to give you a better idea if things are more complicated. You could go see a endocrinologist, but you would need someone who has experience and an understanding of steroid users for the best chance of success.

wow… 2000 Hcg per injection is great amount… you may desensitize your leydig cells. Several studies have proved that you can recover with 250iu/ 500iu 2 or 3 times per week… some guys, when abusing steroids, may not respond very well to this 250iu and may need to start and maybe keep that amount you just used… clomid will blind hypothalamus and then, it will send a signal for your pituitary gland to produce FSH (spermatozoa) and LH (testosterone)… clomid will increase your shbg and with time, you’ll have elevated shbg, that means your hormones will be caught by shbg, and it will decrease your free test, ok…?

in your case, unless you want to have children now, I would do HCG only, 250 3x per week, till recover… clomid if you want kids, and then, take it off when your wife is pregg… dont keep using clomid