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Testicular Atrophy


. I've been on for a week. my boys haven't shrunk at all.


Cool story man. Testicular size is not a good indication of suppression, as suppression can be severe with minimal loss of size.


thanks man, today I took my 4th shot. this is my first cycle, wasn't sure.



That is all.


What is the the point of this thread? Just general discussion?

Generally, if you experience balls aerodynamica; it is not going to happen within the first few weeks of using.



On your first cycle you notice and worry about everything, we dont generally mind answering alot of kinda pointless questions in that case.

Alot of times the guy just wants reassurance that something hasn't gone horrible wrong with them.


Lets everyone share what their "kahunas" look like..



Completely normal sized, but I haven't ever been on for longer than 13-15 weeks. Also, I haven't ever used HCG, which for a cycle as long as 12+ weeks it would probably do some good. I do not have a real problem with testicular atrophy.


you starting a blog?!


my nuts are smooth like eggs. Botox.