Testicular Atrophy Treatable?

Could use some advice. Last year I ran a 12 month test cyp cycle followed by 30 day PCT. my balls shrank to the size of an scrim during the cycle and never recovered. Since I’ve had trouble keeping my weight in check, no erections and drive is gone.

Got tested and I’m at 480 but free test is 0.2. My SHBG is 111.

Can I reversed the damage and if so is that just a conversation with my doc? Or do I go with the offer to go on TRT?

So are you looking just to increase size fir cosmetic reasons or do you think the boys will preform better if they’re larger.

I suppose you can try HCG monotherapy and see if you can get them to grow some and bump your numbers.

You’re always going to be fighting with your high SHBG and you may never get decent numbers or feel well naturally. Heck with that high SHBG you’ll even have to hunt around for a good doc for trt. A lot of the only treat with total t and yours is going to have to be pretty high to get your free t to a place where you feel well.

I’d also get LH & FSH tested before any therapy. If LH is sky high then your issue is with your balls and hcg probably won’t do anything.

I suppose the last thing is if fertility an issue, do you want kids? If so I’d get a fertility test done and see where you are.

Similar shbg here and it took 1500+ Total T to get my free T to the top end of the range. Fortunately I seem to respond strongly to most medicines so it didn’t take a huge dose to get there, but that’s not true for all people with shbg that high. You very well could need a pretty high dose to benefit.

The correct treatment for astronomically high SHBG is TRT, otherwise as wolf pointed out you’ll always be fighting a losing battle. Short of becoming insulin resistant and obese, there really is no other way to suppress SHBG other than TRT.

I don’t normally see SHBG 100>, that’s damn high sir.

Thanks for the quick response. Well would live to get my size back but even more so be able to stabilize my weight, energy and sex drive. My workouts have to gone to shit.

I had no idea about SHBG until the doc explained it. He did offer to put me on TRT ASAP however I wanted to think it over first.

What is LH exactly?

LH is the stimulating hormone to stimulate the testilcies to produce testosterone, you’ll never produce enough to overcome your high SHBG. Testosterone cypionate produces long gradual unnatural peaks that does a fantastic job of suppressing SHBG.

When LH is suppressed or low, the testicles will pull up tight towards the body because stimulation is low.

HCG & LH are analogues, a portion of the molecules are the same and plug into the same receptor sites thus giving similar responses. Though they are different chemically, they work very much thae same in men. I suspect the differences are why some guys don’t feel well when taking hCG, but that’s just a guess.

What’s the range on your free t test? If that’s similar to mine from labcorp and you didn’t misplace a decimal you’re free t is close to castration levels.

If your main concern is to start feeling well again, trt is probably your only solution.

I tried to post my labs but it won’t let me since I’m a new user. Let me know if this helps?

PSA = 0.20
Test = 481
SHBG = 111.4
TSH = 0.799

The doc indicated that my total was 4.07 and would like to see me at 11-23. Sound right?

That sounds more like a free T range unless it’s just different units than I’m used to