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Testicular Atrophy Reversibility? Houston TRT Dr?

OK, My HRT doctor has blown me off when I’ve asked about hCG (and E2 testing as well). After ~6 months of 200 mg testosterone cypionate (1ml @ 200mg/ml) injected intramuscular every 2 weeks my testes are quite a bit smaller. Please someone reassure me that this is reversible! I don’t like feeling like I’m a eunuch!

Beyond that, if you know of a good HRT doc in Houston, please send me an IM!! I’m supposed to see him next in December, I’m not patient enough to wait, I want to do this right.

Here’s the thread with my lab results and history:

Relax. Your nuts shrank because they had nothing to do. Yes, it’s reversible. Get off the Cyp, and they’ll come back in a month or two.

As for finding a competent doctor, lotsa luck. Or read the stickies here and do it yourself. Same results, same #%**@! drawbacks.