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Testicular Atrophy PCT


Hello guys,

I did a cycle recently, 6 weeks of test and dbol. It looked a little something like this:

Wk 1-3 Test 400 = 1200mg/wk
Wk 3-6 Test Prop = 600mg/wk
Wk 1-6 Dbol = 50mg/d
Wk 1-6 Adex = .25mg EOD
Wk 1-6 hCG = 250iu EOD

PCT = Clomid 150/100/100/50, Nolva 60/40/40/20
Yes the PCT is aggressive but I am one of those with a hard time recovering.

I made very good gains, 6kg of pure muscle while dropping bodyfat, best cycle so far.
PCT is going fine im still in my first week, im still getting wood, libido has decreased but not to depressing levels.
The problem is now that Im off the hCG im getting testicular atrophy.
My best bet is that I am still being suppressed and have discontinued my hCG too early.
My question is would it do good to jump back on the hCG again to regain testicular function or should I not risk the oestrogen spike from the hCG which could ruin my PCT?


I have not used HCG on a cycle, but my advice would be to NOT jump back on the HCG, it will only prolong suppression HPTA function and cessation of its use will just cause a crash further down the line. Just because the first week of PCT has resulted in some slight nut shrinkage do NOT panic (yet) libido is a VERY good indicator of how things are going. Keep soldiering on with that PCT keeping the calories high to preserve muscle. A high lipid diet will also help support and regulate the sex hormones.

In short, of curse your libido will decrease, don't panic and just keep doing what you're doing, with added (primarily) healthy fats :wink:

You remind me of myself when I first started cycling - loads of problems turned me into a 'panic-er', and I was already an over analyzer...

Good luck.



Im in a similar position to yours, where you said you kept running longer and longer cycles then couldnt recover so got on TRT.
Obviously im trying to live on where you failed by efficiently recovering from each cycle. I think I will stick to 6 week cycles from now on, they are nice and productive and (yet to find out) easier on recovery.
Im not feeling the horrible symptoms of low test at the moment that I experienced last cycle where I could barely get out of bed, falling asleep at the wheel of the car and general social withdrawl.
I am however getting the emotional sides of Clomid, but not too bad. Still maintained all of my muscle, lost the water and looking absolutely dry at this point.


I agree with BuddaBoy about reasons for not recommencing HCG. Not a good idea at this point as it will further suppress you.


Research Triptorelin. I feel this will be a staple within the bodybuilding community within a few short years.

Its also compatible with PCT.



In your case I would just wait though. You've cut the supply of LH to your testes. Your pituitary will (should) begin producing Endogenous LH shortly.



Thanks for your contribution VT, advice taken.


PTD i've done countless research on Triptorelin but so far all Ive seen is 'bro-knowledge' with no back up with blood test results.
Its conflicting opinions, some say it didnt work for them, some say it did.
Obviously the main question at this point would be, have you used it? How were the results? Did you do the standard 100mcg shot?


I used it once (100mcg 1 shot) immediately post cycle Tren A + Test P. I felt absolutely normal within days, and I felt almost like using the SERM was unnecessary: no atrophy, lethargy, E2 sides or depression.

I'm convinced it will be a staple within a few years.

My experience with it was excellent, and I recommend it to kickstart PCT. Alot of the 'failed' usage of Triptorelin is where some 'dude-bro' shoots 100mcg and doesn't use a SERM.

Next time I cycle I will use 100mcg Triptorelin followed by 4 weeks of low dose SERM. I think I'll post a log of how this goes.



Sounds promising, I'll hold you to that log though :wink:
I might check this out for my next cycle, as of yet this PCT has been my best PCT ever. Im getting morning wood (which I havent had for the past year) and achieving/maintaining erections as normal.
My energy is ok, Im ok to wakeup in the mornings, no social withdrawl etc. The only thing is Im a complete BITCH, I attribute that to the clomid I suppose. I snap at everyone and have mood swings alot.
Aside from that its going great, I think I will most probably only need a 4 week break post-PCT before I do another 6 weeks.
Thanks to Buddaboy for the recommendation of an aggressive PCT, for me its the way to go!


I'm glad the 'aggresive PCT is working out for you! HGH is an excellent addition to PCT if you can afford it, too. I believe GHRP-6 would be a great substitute but have not tried it so cannot comment from personal experience.

I'm looking forwards to hearing people here share their experiences with Triptelorine, I'm hearing good things about it.

Singbuilder: how did you dose your Cabergoline when you experienced problems with elevated prolactin? I'm using deca now and want to buy some to keep on hand in case I experience any problems.
And, sorry for the derailment/hijack...

PTD: is it true that GHRP-2 can cause increased prolactin?




Well HGH shares many structural similarities with Prolactin, and as such has some binding affinity to the Prolactin receptors in the breast tissue. Hence lactogenesis could be caused by GH, exogenous or otherwise. If GHRP-2 is dosed and timed properly, achieving the desired effect of a spike in Endo-GH, then I see no reason why it (or any other GH secretalogue) could cause or exacerbate existing gyno tissue.



BB, I started at 3mg a week which I soon found to be too much. My prolactin went from 300+ to 7 (range 80-250). I felt like absolute shit, so I cut the dose to 1mg a week into as many small pieces that was possible (however many the pill could be cut into). I would suggest you try the smallest amount possible as with cabergoline/bromocriptine the sides are horrendous.
Are you seeing any signs of elevated prolactin?


This is correct, I have bloodwork before and after GH to show for it.
Starting prolactin was 98, post GH it was 220. (80-250)
Eventhough the prolactin was "normal" and in range I still felt prolactin induced symptoms such as lethargy, mild depression etc.


Not yet, though a couple of weeks ago I felt like total shit and was worried it was from elevated prolactin, whereas I think it was just extreme tiredness. I have not had my prolactin tested so I state with any degree of accuracy exactly where it is.

I feel pretty good and really like the deca but want to be prepared for any problems.

Did the doctor do your proalctin? I remember you saying you didn't want to go to your GP for tests.


All bloods were done through the GP, I had to suck it up and pray he didnt tell the GMC that a soon-to-be doctor was self-medicating.
So all values are correct and reliable.


PTD could you please PM me the site you got your triptorelin from? I think its about time I give it a shot.


Also should I try low dose adex to prevent the little test I have from aromatising?
I am now feeling the symptoms slightly of low T, mainly zero libido and tiredness.


withour bloodwork its difficult to know whats happening. do you have you blood results before the cycle? if not, you should anyway get some blood test which includes at least
Free Test
Total test

then we can try to help you more accuratelly (obvioulsy there are experts on these topics like KSman, BBB, BR, Prisoner,BONEZ,etc) and people will be glad to help.

if you try the tripto, please post protocol + results. it will be very interesting..
cheers bro


Thanks for the reply, I am aware of what labs need to be done.
These will get done next week, I do have pre-cycle values aswell so im in a good position to know if ive recovered before commencement of future cycle.