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Testicular Atrophy on TRT


Hello everbody.

First of all i wanna say that i have always liked T Nation forums and i used to seek it always to get answers for whatever quistion that comes into my mind.
This well be my first post i hope i can get some answers for this hard situation :slightly_smiling:

I have been on trt for almost ayeat now . Beside feeling great as long as my estrogen dont get too high . And need to pin my self each 3.5 days i think that trt has helped me alot .

The propblem now that after 1 year my balls have atrophied alot ( see attached). After 3 month on trt i just had few shoots of hcg till they drop again and then stop. Now after they have atrophied a great deal i have injected 5000iu the followed by 1000iu eod by atogtal of 5000 then continued till now on 200iu eod and i have been on that sheduale and dosage for 4 weeks
Libido improved in the begining and sense of well bieng till estro went high then it stoped.

Moreover, i dont see any deffrence in size am sure they are working becouse they are always hanging now and the cum looks diffrent plus i can feel estrogen going high with all depression and bloat etc so i started 1mg adex eod .

Oh i forgot by the way am on 250mg test e 1/2cc each 3.5 days that put me above the high range by 4 degrees and the doctor was okay with that .
I have test and hcg prescrebtion but he dosent want me to have ai !

What TNation trt guys think i should do ?

Sorry for my english am not anative speaker!

Any bodys help is appreciated am looking for size again .. Sould i just give it atime or higher my dosage ??


I can only speak for myself. I do not take anything to prevent the testis from atrophy nor do I can that they have. I am not looking to have more children in the future. I had my vasectomy years ago after out 4th boy.
Maybe KSman will chime in on some benefits of keeping the testis pumped up.

As for getting bigger and stronger by upping your dose, that works if done properly but this forum (TRT) may not be the place for that. You may want to look at steroids in the "OFF TOPIC" here at T NATION. I will caution you to read the stickys there and that those guys can be brutal on OP's.


Thank you so much for your help. I have 2 childs my self and sm not planning on haven more in the near future!
I have feelt so much better with test alone with no rollcoaster and problems that came with the hcg , but i am afried that they will shrenk even more i am 30 years old so hopefully still alot of time to go :)!!

Moreover, testic produce prenogolone and dhea and thats also required for libido and there been evidences that connect both prenogolone and lowering stress and anxiety in mens!!

I was looking for the best trying to make everything works right as much as i can as long as i wanna do the while trt right or i preffer not to do it at all!!

Any ideas?


The advice here would be to get liquid anastrozole/arimidex from research chems and take 1 mg per week in devided doses. Hcg should be used full time.

Please list labs

Liver labs would be nice to see for this thread.. Ast Alt


I with you on the AI. KSman turned me onto it and that changed a lot for me. I wanted to ask why Hcg full time? My Doc never said anything about it. Would there be an indicator in my labs he would be looking for or is it S.O.P.?


Pregnonalone is made in the testicles. With no hcg you are not producing this important hormone to an optimal level. It's is a precursor hormone.

hcg will change your levels of not only testosterone but estrogen. When turning it on and off how would you ever get dialled in on a good protocol that works and is comfortable for you? You would have E2 spikes and them have to adjust they AI accordingly?? Impossible..

This is common sense to me but I'm not a doctor.. Just my simple opinion


I do use adex at the moment 1 mg eod . Today was my second dose
Till i feel better and have yhe wood again then ill split the dosage to .5 adex eod.

My lab test on 250mg e3.5d is

Hemoglobine 10.1 (8.5-11)
Hematocriet 0.48 (0.40-0.50)
Cholestrol 3.5(1.5-6.5)
Ldl 2.2 (2.0-4.5)
Hdl 0.7 (0.9-1.7)
Triglyceriden 2.6 (0.6-2.2)
Tsh 1.08 (0.3-4.2)
Testosteron tottal 36.4 (7.6-31.4)

See attached for full pannel


Thanks for your advice; I will be having this conversation with my G.P. next time around.


I didnt had hcg in my mind till they start shrinking ..
If i gain size again ill return just to test alone