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Testicular Atrophy - How Long

Been on TRT about 8 months now, not using in HCG. How long before the atrophy may set in? So far everthing is fine.

Please describe your TRT protocol, dose, timing etc.

What are your lab results now?

Reports of your nature are rare.

Do your testes hang normally?

TRT shuts off LH and FSH, the testes normally shrink and the scrotum pulls up tight.

For some, the noted problems are well advanced in 6-8 weeks.

50mg Test E 2X week. Armidex 1mg week divided doses. My testes are drawn up a little but the overall size is still there. Don’t have any labs as Dr. said everything was normal, but my total test came back at 340, so I decided to do it on my own. Felt much better within 2 weeks, sex drive back, recovery from workouts way up, just felt much better overall. I’m due for my yearly physical in a couple of months so I’ll ask for Test and Estrogen levels on the bloodwork.

^^^Don’t try to fix a problem that doesn’t seem to exist.

The way that the testes hang is the most apparent indicator of LH. With your protocol, you can count on LH/FSH–>0

This side affect is more towards the bodybuilding community.Men on t-replacement are only equalizing their hormone range according to age Even if you used 2x the normal testicular shrinkage is unlikely. The problem with information on steroid’s is all the misinformation and propaganda that is diseminated by a poltical drug of choice.

In Canada it’s not as bad in regards to steroids/trt/hrt.America with it’s retarded War on drug’s .I heard famous bodybuilder Ric drasin say that Ex President bush said there was 2-major problem’s in america. 1 was terrorism,and 2 steroid’s. Fuck steroids where dr prescribed until 1988.The ben johnson/Dubbin inquiry. have a good day guy’s john

You are full of crap and your BS is contrary to the forums objectives of help and education.

100mg/week testosterone ester shuts down LH and FSH in a few days. We have many many posts of lab work here showing LH and FSH going close to zero. Stop talking about things that you do not understand and refuse to read about. This is a zero bro-science zone, or was until you showed up.

You are the misinformation and you are your own brand of propaganda.

The objective of TRT is restoration of youthful T levels, not “according to age”. Misinformed again.

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